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Ara no edit.png
Nickname: Flow
Real Name: Ara Rara
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Height: 140 ㎝
Weight: 33 kg
Blood type: Type A
Birthday: July 22nd
Weapon: Water Gun
Profession: Princess of the Caribbean
Specialty: Shooting her Water Gun, causing a Tsunami, and Calling her Royal Guards
Hobby: Crossbreeding different kinds of fishes to create new species.

Ara is one of the Characters in the game HeroWarz.


Princess of blue corals and the emerald Caribbean, Ara decided to become a player when Hermes mentioned that her kingdom might be wiped out. Because she lived all her life inside the palace, she's curious and fascinated by everything. To protect her, her royal guards Killer Whale, Spear Fish, and Lobster always stay with her.


She was raised in her underwater palace so she knows nothing of the lies and deceit that go around in the human world. Ara's still too young to act alone but does not like to listen to others if she feels they are wrong. She's always smiling but bottles all the feelings inside her. She's going to take revenge on them when she becomes an adult... especially that bastard Ramirez.


She's quite famous due to her unique abilities and friends (sea people). Not to mention her cute and lovely appearance. She can ride her Killer Whale anywhere, throw exploding clams, and has a lobster way bigger than a human protecting her. She has never seen or spoke to anyone outside her Kingdom, so she's the naivest out of all the players.

Ever since Draft day she has been excited about everything and became talkative. She hates people like Ramirez or Jang that has a strong and forceful personality but likes personalities like Ethan or Jackdaw. She especially like Mary and tends to sleep at Mary's bed more than her own. It's also interesting that Venus likes Ara even though she's known to hate kids.

Skill Spotlights


Active Skills

Skill Icon Active Skills Level Key binding Skill Description Type/effect Detailed Info Upgrade info (SP)
2 water gun.png Water Gun 1 Left Click [Get Wet!] Setup: Fire a stream of water towards the target direction. Enemies that are hit 5 times or more become Wet.

[Get Trapped!]: Setup: Fire bubbles towards target direction. Enemies hit by the bubbles have a 20% chance to become Water Prisoned.

[Electric Eel]: Attacking an enemy with Wet or Water Prison Status will have a chance to fire an electric eel that electrocutes enemies

  • Get Wet!: Ranged Damage
  • Get Trapped!: Melee Damage
  • Mana Recovery
  • Mana Recovery during use: 2.5
  • Water stream total damage: 500%
  • Bubble total damage: 315%
  • Electric eel total damage: 175%
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Water stream damage:

  • 550% / 600% / 650% / 700% / 750%

Bubble damage:

  • 346.5% / 378% / 409.5% / 441% / 472.5%

Electric eel damage:

  • 192.5% / 210% / 227.5% / 245% / 262.5%
2 jump.png JUMP! 2 Right Click Ara jumps into the Air. When using [JUMP!], press the skill key again to double jump. When she lands, she will cause an explosion that will inflict damage. When using [JUMP!], press left click and Ara will fire a slighty larger water bubble.
  • Melee Attack/Ranged damage
  • Landing damage: 240%
  • Jump Shot damage: 210%
  • Mana cost: 15
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Landing damage:

  • 264% / 288% / 312% / 336% / 360%

Jump Shot damage:

  • 231% / 252% / 273% / 294% / 315%
2 rising tide.png Rising Tide 3 Mousewheel up / Q Ara creates a wave toward the target direction that pushes the enemies away.
  • Ranged damage
  • Damage: 180%
  • Mana cost: 22
  • Cooldown: 6 sec.
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 198% / 216% / 234% / 252% / 270%
2 monster tube.png Attraction: Monster Tube 4 Space Move forward on a tube and crush any enemies that are in the way.
  • Melee Damage
  • Damage: 650%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 27 sec.
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 715% / 780% / 845% / 910% / 975%
2 tentacle.png Tentacle 6 Mousewheel down / E Summon a tentacle at a target direction. The tentacle grabs nearby enemies and slams them on the ground.
  • Melee Damage
  • Total Damage: 690%
  • Mana cost: 35
  • Cooldown: 8 sec.
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 759% / 828% / 897% / 966% / 1035%
2 water cannon.png Water Cannon 7 R Fire a powerful water cannon to the front. You can fire the [Water Cannon] for up to 3 seconds by holding down the skill key. You consume more mana as you use the [Water Cannon] For a longer period of time
  • Ranged damage
  • can be activated midair
  • Max ground damage: 1776%
  • Aerial Damage: 2160%
  • Mana cost: 60
  • Cooldown: 22 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Ground damage:

  • 1953,6% / 2131.2% / 2308.8% / 2486.4% / 2664%
  • Aerial damage:
  • 2376% / 2592% / 2808% / 3024% / 3240%
2 anchor.png Lower the Anchor! 8 4 Drop an anchor at a target direction.
  • Ranged damage
  • Striking
  • Damage: 720%
  • Cooldown: 30 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 792% / 864% / 936% / 1008% / 1080%
2 killer whale.png Mr Killing Whale 9 1 Mr. Killer Whale appears and splashes around the map and damages the enemies.
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Total damage: 1620%
  • Mana cost: 75
  • Cooldown: 40 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1782% / 1944% / 2106% / 2268% / 2430%
2 friends of sacred.png Friends of sacred mountain 10 2 Ara's friends from sacred mountain will appear and rush towards the enemies to inflict damage and returns to her. When they return, they will recover Ara's Mana.
  • Mana Recovery
  • Damage total: 750%
  • Maximum mana recovery: 40
  • Cooldown: 15 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 825% / 900% / 975% / 1050% / 1125%

Skill effect is increased to:

Mana recovery:

  • 44 / 48 / 52 / 56 / 60
2 tidal wave.png Tidal Wave 16 Left + Right mouse click Summon a Tsunami to sweep away the enemies.
  • Ranged damage
  • striking
  • Additional Damage to Boss, Champion, and Mutant monsters
  • Damage: 1800%
  • Mana cost: 400
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1980% / 2160% / 2340% / 2520% / 2700%
2 snappy clam.png Snappy Clam 20 3 Scatter clam bombs that explodes after a set duration.
  • Melee Damage
  • Damage: 285%
  • Mana cost: 50
  • Cooldown: 18 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 313.5% / 342% / 370.5% / 399% / 427.5%
2 blue coral.png Blue Coral 35 Mousewheel up / Q (alternate) Summon 5 blue corals to the front.
  • Melee Damage
  • Total damage: 1125%
  • Mana cost: 30
  • Cooldown: 8 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1237.5% / 1350% / 1462.5% / 1575% / 1687.5%
2 kraken mamoot.png Kraken Mamoot 40 Left + Right mouse click (alternate) Deep ocean creature Kraken appears and knocks the enemies up and down.
  • Striking
  • Melee damage
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters.
  • Total Damage: 1080%
  • Mana cost: 400
  • Cooldown: 18 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1188% / 1296% / 1404% / 1512% / 1620%
2 bubble walk.png Bubble Walk 50 R (alternate) Princess Ara runs across the air while creating green bubbles that puts enemies in Water Prison.
  • Melee Damage
  • Total Damage: 1360%
  • Mana cost: 50
  • Cooldown: 14 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1496% / 1632% / 1768% / 1904% / 2040%
2 octopus bomb.png Octopus Bomb 55 Space (alternate) An octopus floats towards the target direction and drops down to explode.
  • Ranged Damage
  • Damage: 595%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 1 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 654.5% / 714% / 773.5% / 833% / 892.5%
2 deep ocean.png Deep Ocean 60 T For 20 seconds, turn the whole screen into a deep ocean and descreases the defense and attack speed off all enemies while dealing damage over time.
  • Area skill
  • Total Damage: 1000%
  • Defense Decrease: -10 %
  • Attack speed decrease: -25%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 120 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1100% / 1200% / 1300% / 1400% / 1500%

Skill effect is increased to:

Defense decrease:

  • -11% / -12% / -13% / -14% / -15%

Attack speed decrease:

  • -27.5% / -30% / -32.5% / -35% / -37.5%

Passive Skills

Skill Icon Passive skills Level Skill Description Detailed Info Upgrade Info (SP)
2 get wet.png Get Wet! 5 [Shrimp Counter] and [Shrimp Shooter] have a 10% chance to inflict the Wet effect. The first enemy hit by [Jump Shot] has a 100% chance to become wet. - Related Skill damage is increased by:
  • 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%

Chance is increased to:

  • 11% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
2 good job.png Good Job 13 Each time Ara and her allies kill 3 monsters, she will receive a [Good Job] buff that will stack. The buff increases movement speed and cooldown reductions. When Ara critically hits a boss-ranked monster she has a chance to gain another stack of Good Job. Each stack increases movement speed and cooldown reduction. This stacks up to 10 times.
  • Movement speed increase per stack: 1.5 %
  • Cooldown Reduction per stack: 0.5%
Skill effect is increased to:

Movement speed increase per stack:

  • 1.65% / 1.8% / 1.95% / 2.1% / 2.25%

Cooldown reduction per stack:

  • 0.55% / 0.6% / 0.65% / 0.7% / 0.75%
2 get trapped.png Get Trapped 25

(alternate to get wet)

[Water Gun] and [Speed Shooter] has a 10% chance to inflict the Water prison effect. The first enemy hit by [Jump Shot] has a 100% chance to be imprisoned. - Related Skill damage is increased by:
  • 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%

Chance is increased to:

  • 11% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
2 shrimp counter.png Shrimp counter 30 Shrimp shooter finds an enemy in attack motion and counters.
  • May cause wet status
  • Ranged damage
  • Total Damage:180%
  • Cooldown: 5 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 198% / 216% / 234% / 252% / 270%
2 speed shooter.png Speed Shooter 45

(alternate to shrimp counter)

Small bubbles shoot out depending on the movement speed of Ara.
  • Melee damage
  • Damage: 75%
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 82.5% / 90% / 97.5% / 105% / 112.5%

Skill modifications

Head Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Corrosive Clams [Snappy Clam]

Enemies hit by Snappy Clam's Clam Bomb will have their defense reduced for a short duration.

Drop Down [JUMP!]

Jumping again during JUMP! and landing on the ground will deal more damage and also cause a knockdown.

Jumbo Prawn [Water Cannon]

When water cannon is activated, shrimp shooter appears and shoots with you.

Mythical Anchor [Lower the Anchor]

The anchor that falls from Lower the Anchor will remain for a short duration. Allies near the anchor will receive increased attack power.

Power Cannon [Rising Tide]

Killing an enemy with Rising tide will increase the damage of water cannon for a short duration.

Strength Battle [Mr Killing Whale!]

Mr. Killer Whale! deals additional damage to boss, champion, and mutant monsters and the initial hit will have a striking effect. Increase the cooldown of [Mr. Killer Whale!]

Super Humidity When enemies with Wet status is killed, explode and deal damage to nearby enemies.
Water Bomb Fire a large bubble each time 5 water prisons are created with Water Gun.
Water Hero: Jackson! When attacked, there is a 15% chance that Jackson will appear to help. Jackson will provoke the surrounding enemies and pull aggro.
Water Spout [Attraction: Monster Tube]

The path of Attraction: Monster Tube creates water tides that deal additional damage to nearby enemies.

Top Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
A gift from a friend [Mr Killer Whale!]

Killing an enemy with Mr Killer Whale! will make the Killer Whale drop a fish when it disappears. You recover mana when you get near the fish and consume it.

Black on Black [Octopus Bomb]

Enemies hit by Octopus Bomb will have their defense and attack speed decreased.

Coral Power Blue Coral]

When Blue Coral appears and hits an enemy in water prison, recovers mana.

Cheerful Friends [Friends of Sacred Mountain]

When fishes from Friends of Sacred Mountain returns, instead of recovering mana, it increases the cooldown reduction efficiency for a short duration.

Drench [Water Cannon]

Water cannon has a chance to make the attacked enemy wet.

Enhance Barrel [Tidal Wave]

Attacking 10 or more monsters with Tidal Wave will make Water Shot penetrate enemies.

Explosive Anchor [Lower the Anchor!]

Using Lower the Anchor! will create an explosion on the anchor and enemies hit by the explosion will be burnt and receive damage over time.

Great Job [Good Job]

When Good Job stacks reaches 10, recovers mana

Holy Water [Bubble Walk]

During Bubble Walk, press the R key again to create a giant bubble and slam the the ground. The giant bubble pops and deals striking effect damage.

Hydroplaning Defense is increased each time a water prison pops.
Kraken's Presence [Kraken Mamoot]

After using Kraken Mamoot and while the Kraken is striking down, if ara is in the middle of the tentacle, drastically increases the chance for [Water Gun] to cause a Water Prison effect.

Nice Shot [JUMP!]

Hitting an enemy with bubbles fired during JUMP! will recover your mana. Only the first bubble fired from [Quick Pump] will recover mana.

Own Kind [Shrimp Counter]

Whenever Shrimp Counter activates have a chance to summon Jackson.

Power Wave [Rising Tide]

After a set period, gain a stack of Rising Tide. When you use the Rising Tide with multiple stacks, the stack becomes 0 and deals more damage.

Pressure [Attraction: Monster Tube]

Hitting boss, champion, or mutant monsters with Attraction: Monster Tube will increase damage dealt to boss, champion, and mutant monsters for a short duration.

Right Humidity Recover mana whenever an enemy becomes wet.
Rising Spearfish Press left click on airborne enemy to summon a spearfish.
Special service [Tentacles]

Tentacles stay around for 4 seconds and keep slamming anything around them every 0.7 seconds.

Bottom Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Aftershock [Tidal Wave]

After using Tidal Wave, if your remaining mana is lower then 10% of max mana, additional Tidal Wave will appear.

Bubble Hop [Bubble Walk]

When you activate JUMP! when bubble Walk is on cooldown, trap a single enemy at the jump starting point inside a water Prison.

Compressed Ink Shot [Octopus Bomb]

Octopus bomb gains a striking effect and creates a cooldown when using Octopus Bomb.

Dolphin Dance [Good Job]

When good job stack reaches 20, killer whale pops out.

Enhanced Shrimp Shooter [Shrimp Counter] / [Shrimp Shooter]

Shrimp shooters from shrimp counter and shrimp shooter deals additional damage to wet enemies.

High Tide [Rising Tide]

Hitting an enemy in wet status with Rising Tide will decrease the cool downs of Rising Tide.

Hydrophobia Enemies in Wet Status will have decreased movement and attack speed.
Imprison [Attraction:Monster Tube]

Hitting an enemy in Water Prison with Attraction:Monster Tube will deal additional damage.

Let's Ride [Mr Killer Whale]

Using Mr Killer Whale will cost mana and Ara will mount the Killer Whale. Ara mounted Killer Whale will hop around nearby enemies and deal melee Damage.

Narrow Barrel [Water Gun]

Whenever you make an enemy Wet from Water gun attacks, fire a penetrating water shot.

Overgrown [Blue Coral]

Increases the number of corals summoned for Blue coral and increases the mana cost.

Overturn [Snappy Clam]

During Snappy Clam, deal additional damage to enemies near spinning Ara.

Quickly Quickly When your movement speed is drastically increased, your attack speed also increases for a short duration.
Quick Pumping [JUMP!]

Jumping again during JUMP! and holding left click will fire bubbles that cost mana.

Squeeze [Tentacle]

Each time Tentacle attacks a Wet enemy, recovers mana.

To the Last Drop [Water Cannon]

Using Water Cannon to its max duration will increase your attack speed for a short duration.

Useful Help [Lower the Anchor!]

Killing an enemy with Lower the Anchor! will increase the cooldown reduction efficiency for a short duration.

Shoes Mods

Mod name Skill / Effect
Black Tiger Shrimp Counter and Shrimp Shooter has a chance to summon a Black Shrimp Shooter. Black Shrimp Shooter will decrease the defense of attacked enemies.
Bomber [Friends of Sacred Mountain]

When fishes from Friends of Sacred Mountain, damages the enemy, instead of returning, they explode to deal additional damage.

Drop Clams [Snappy Clam]

When Snappy Clam is on cooldown, drop clam bombs on the landing location of JUMP!

Fish Feed [Friends of Sacred Mountain]

When Friends of Sacred Mountain recovers your mana, it will also recover your HP.

Hop Around [Tentacle]

Each time Tentacle pops a water prison, increases the cooldown reduction efficiency.

Ink Charge [Octopus Bomb]

Killing 20 or more enemies with Octopus Bomb will make the bubble shots from JUMP! in to ink shots.

Light Step [Blue Coral]

Each time you kill an enemy with Blue Coral, reduces the cooldown of Bubble Walk.

Mock [Bubble Walk]

Hitting boss, champion or mutant monsters 5 or more times with Bubble Walk will recover your mana.

Shooter Instinct [Speed Shooter]

When Speed Shooter's bubbles start flying out, increase your attack power for a short duration.

Thorny Starfish Pressing left click on a knocked down enemy will send out a thorny starfish while consuming mana. Enemies hit by the starfish will have reduced defense for a short duration.

Weapon Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Aftermath of Tidal Wave [Tidal Wave]

After [Tidal Wave] damages the enemies, leaves a field of clam bombs behind.

Ara Cheer [Friends of Sacred Mountain]

When Princess Ara and her ally comes in contact, increases the attack power of both Ara and her ally. When allies come in contact with fishes from [Friends of Sacred Mountain], [Ara Cheer] effect is applied.

Attraction: Aqua Blast [Water Cannon]

Pressing the R key while facing the enemy inside the water prison to connect other water prisons together and ride the blast. Consumes Mana.

Attraction: Water Splash [Water Cannon]

At the tip of Water Cannon's range, drop water to deal ranged damage.

Boom Boom [Get Trapped!]

Attack Power is increased each time a water Prison pops.

Chain Discharge [Water Gun]

Enemies that are wet or water prisoned will be pulled in when the electric eel from Water gun unleashes its discharge.

Chain Slam [Tentacle]

[Tentacle] grabs the enemy and slams them multiple time

Depth Explosion [Deep Ocean]

During [Deep Ocean] press the T key to throw a giant bubble that attacks all enemies on screen.

Double anchor [Lower the Anchor]

When [Lower the Anchor] activates, another anchor will drop down at the same spot

Ink Shot Whenever you are airborne, use Wheel down/E to consume mana and fire a large ink bubble. The ink bubble will leave a sticky ink zone that slows both movement and attack speed.
Kyaaah! [Attraction: Monster Tube]

While using [Attraction: Monster Tube] press Q or Scroll up with the mouse wheel to extend the tsunami it is riding on and come back down dealing additional damage to the enemies.

Moist [Get Wet!]

Each time you make an enemy Wet, increase your attack speed for a short duration.

Pink Coral [Blue Coral]

When enemies come in contact with [Blue Coral], the coral turns pink and explodes.

Poison Smash [Kraken Mamoot]

Strike down attack from Kraken Mamoot always critically hits and enemies enemies hit by the kraken will receive additional damage for a short duration.

Reunion [Friends of Sacred Mountain]

Increases the number of fishes and cooldown of [Friends of Sacred Mountain].

Rising Wave [Rising Tide]

At the edge of the Rising Tide's range, another wave splashes up and deals damage.

Sticky Ink [Octopus Bomb]

Drop location of [Octopus Bomb] will create an ink zone and if it drops on an ink zone created by [Ink Bomb], increases the radius of the ink zone.

Speed Battery [Speed Shooter]

Charges the battery depending on the distance traveled. When the battery is full, increase the attack power of [Speed Shooter].

Shrimp Shooter [Shrimp Counter]

Each time you consume 500 mana, summon 2-4 Shrimp shooters.

Whale Cheer [Mr. Killer Whale!]

Using [Mr. Killer Whale!] will increase the attack power and movement speed of allies for a short duration.

Character illustrations

Patch history

Patch Description
Patch 1.58
  • Fixed the missing animation issue for the following skills: [Tentacle], [MR. Killer Whale], [Snappy Clams], [Lower the Anchor], [Kraken Mamoot], and [Attraction: Monster Tube]
Patch 1.57
  • Water Gun
    • Skill description was revised to show the increase in the number of times of getting “Wet”. It is changed from 5 to 10.
Patch 1.55
  • Get Wet!
    • Skill Option
      • Moist - Attack Power boost effect increased by 50%
      • Super Humidity - Damage increased by 60%
  • JUMP!
    • Skill Option
      • Quick Pumping - Splash Damage increased by 40%
      • Ink Shot - Mana Cost decreased by 35%
  • Rising Tide
    • Skill Option
      • Power Cannon - Water Cannon damage boost effect increased by 300%
  • Attraction: Monster Tube
    • Mana Cost decreased by 25%
    • Skill Option
      • Kyaaaaaah! - Mana Cost decreased by 30%
      • Imprison - Damage increased by 15%
  • Water Cannon
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Skill Option
      • To the Last Drop - Attack Speed Boost effect increased by 50%
  • Friends of Sacred Mountain
    • Mana Recovery effect increased by 50%
  • Good Job
    • Cooldown buff effect increased by 100%
    • Skill Option
      • Ara Cheer - Attack Power Buff effect increased by 30%
  • Shrimp Counter
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Skill Option - All Skill Option Damage increased by 20%
  • Blue Coral
    • Light Step
      • Bubble Walk cooldown decrease effect increased by 100%
Patch 1.51
  • Adding SP to [Snappy Clam] will now properly increase the damage.
Patch 1.30
  • Fixed a mana consumption bug with [Mr. Killer Whale!]
  • Added Cooldown: [Tidal Wave]: 20 seconds
  • Added Cooldown: [Kraken Mamoot]: 18 seconds
  • Removed the mana cost of [Lower the Anchor!]

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