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Audrey no edit.png
Nickname: Machine Gun
Real Name: Audrey Reah Belova
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type: Type AB
Birthday: November 18
Weapon: M16, AK type rifles. Use assault rifles or sniper rifles from time to time.
Profession: Mercenary, a former military soldier.
Specialty: Handling war weapons. Middle range shotgun using shotgun slug, sub-machine gun, landmine and antitank gun Recently she made a contract with Deus and is infiltrating drones into battles.
Hobby: Shopping for Luxurious Items. Crazy about not general luxurious goods but limited editions.

Audrey is one of the Characters in the game HeroWarz. She specializes in medium range shooting. Audrey is able to utilize various arms as well as other, more unique weapons.


A female soldier from Metro and military weapon expert. Audrey has suppressed her emotions due to her violent childhood, so she cannot express herself properly.


Audrey is very selfish and the whole "doing things for the greater good" will never work on her. It's impossible for Audrey to express her emotions in a normal way. She has no fear or hesitation, which is a plus as a player. She also does not care for other people's emotions as all she cares about is the payout after a mission.


A mercenary from the Metro who has lived with suppressed emotions due to her violent childhood. Her emotional incapacity has kept her from doing well in marriage and her career. She later meets Mac and applies for the special forces. To Audrey, there are no good and evil, as those boundaries are the kind she cannot understand. She likes to stare at people's faces while she talks to them to read their emotions. More recently, she quit the special forces and became a mercenary to make more money. She's quite skilled at sniping and also rescuing hostages as part of an assault squad. Audrey recently took interest in Drones from Brindish to aid her in combat.

Skill Spotlights


Active Skills

Skill Icon Active Skills Level Keybinding Skill description Type/Effect Detailed Info Upgrade Info (SP)
3 rifle fire.png Rifle Fire 1 Left Click Perform a basic attack with a rifle. The seventh shot will cause an explosion.
  • Ranged Attack
  • Mana Recovery
  • Mana recovery increase: 2.5
  • Damage per rifle shot: 40%
  • Final explosion damage: 115%
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Damage per rifle shot:

  • 44% / 48% / 52% / 56% / 60%

Final explosion damage:

  • 126,5% / 138% / 149,5% / 161% / 172,5%
3 slide.png Slide 1 Right Click Quickly move in the targeted direction. Enemies hit by the slide will be launched in the air.
  • Dash
  • Slide Damage: 230%
  • Mana cost: 30
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 253% / 276% / 299% / 322% / 345%
3 sliding shot.png Sliding Shot 2 Double right click / Hold right Click Fire your rifle during [Slide]
  • Ranged attack
  • Max Damage: 987%
  • Mana cost: 50
  • Cooldown: 5 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 1085,7% / 1184,4% / 1283,1% / 1381,8% / 1480,5%
3 incendiary.png Incendiary 3 Mousewheel down / E Fire multiple incendiary bombs and burn the enemies that are hit.
  • Ranged attack
  • Max Damage: 336%
  • Mana cost: 28
  • Cooldown: 6 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 369,6% / 403,2% / 436,8% / 470,4% / 504%
3 mine jump.png Mine Jump 4 Mousewheel up / Q Install a mine and jump forward using the explosion.
  • Can jump over low walls.
  • Mine explosion: 390%
  • Mana cost: 35
  • Cooldown: 6 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 429% / 468% / 507% / 546% / 585%
3 backfire.png Backfire 5 Space Create a close proximity explosion and get pushed back while leaving a trail of fire. Enemies on the trail of fire will be damaged over time while being slowed.
  • Striking
  • Aerial attack
  • Explosion: 620%
  • Trail of fire max damage: 300%
  • Movement speed decrease on fire: 40%
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Explosion damage:

  • 682% / 744% / 806% / 868% / 930%

Trail of fire damage:

  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%
3 snipe.png Snipe 6 3 Snipe and damage uo to 5 enemies. Reloads up to 3 shots.
  • Additional damage
  • Snipe Damage: 690%
  • Normal monster additional damage: 30%
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Snipe damage:

  • 759% / 828% / 897% / 966% / 1035%
3 spas.png SPAS Shotgun 7 Left click on airborne enemies Fire your shotgun at an airborne enemy and recover mana.
  • Mana recovery
  • Each shot: 120%
  • mana recovered per hit: 3
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 132% / 144% / 156% / 168% / 180%

Mana recovery is increased to:

  • 3,3 / 3,6 / 3,9 / 4,2 /4,5
3 photon cannon.png Photon Cannon 8 2 (toward enemies with [Heat Mark] Fire a photon Cannon to enemies with [Heat Mark] created by [Incendiary Bomb], [Backfire] and [Napalm]. Recover mana depending on the number of fired photon cannons.

The more photon cannons fired, the more the cooldown of the next photon is decreased, up to 80%.

  • Mana recovery
  • Aerial
  • Photon cannon damage: 150%
  • Cooldown: 10 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 165% / 180% / 195% / 210% / 225%

Mana recovery is increased by:

  • 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%
3 destroyer.png D2 Destroyer 9 5 Pull out a D2 Battle drone to aid you in battle.
  • Summon
  • Mana cost: 50
Destroyer's attack power increased by:
  • 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%
3 beam.png H Beam 10 R Drop a heavy H beam to deal damage and interrupt the enemy's attack.
  • Striking
  • Damage: 385%
  • Cooldown: 24 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 423,5% / 462% / 500,5% / 539% / 577,5%
3 three way shot.png Three Way SHot 13 1 For a set duration, [Rifle fire] and [Sliding Shot] fires in three directions and have increased penetration chance.
  • AA enhance
  • Damage per shot: 40%
  • Mana cost: 109
  • Cooldown: 16.5 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 44% / 48% / 52% / 56% / 60%
3 photon bomb.png Photon Bomb 16 4 Fire an orb compressed with light energy. Photon Bomb explodes upon first contact with an enemy and gathers all attacked enemies.

You can charge the projectile by holding down the 4 key. (consumes 150 mana)

A fully charged Photon Bomb will drag the enemies along and also have increased explosion radius and damage while gathering all nearby enemies as well.

  • Ranged attack
  • Photon Bomb: 410%
  • Full charge damage: 825%
  • cooldown: 16 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Photon damage:

  • 451% / 492% / 533% / 674% / 615%

Full charge damage:

  • 907,5% / 990% / 1072,5% / 1155% / 1237,5%
3 gatling gun.png M137 Gatling Gun 20 Left + Right Click Fire a Gatling gun. Gain super armor while firing the gatling gun and receive reduced damage. Mana consumption varies depending on the skill's duration and you can stop the Gatling gun by using Right click.
  • Ranged channel attack
  • Gain super armor while using
  • Max damage per second: 283,5%
  • Damage reduction: 20%
  • Mana cost: 150
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 311,85% / 340,2% / 368,55% / 396,9% / 425,25%
3 flash bang.png Flash Bang 28 Space (alternate) Audrey drops a flash bang that deals flash damage in a wide area and cause the enemies to flinch. Can also be used during cooldown but consumes additional mana.
  • Area attack
  • causes flinch
  • Flash bang damage: 320%
  • Mana cost: 100
  • Additional mana cost when used during cooldown: 150
  • Cooldown 11 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 352% / 384% / 416% / 448% / 480%
3 saboteur.png HE30 Saboteur 32 R (alternate) Fire a [Sabouteur] and attach it to an enemy. The [Saboteur] creates a debuff that makes all nearby enemies receive additional damage and explodes when the attached enemy dies or after a set duration.

[Saboteur] causes 2 striking attacks, when it attaches and when it explodes.

  • Striking ( 2x )
  • Received damage increase: 10%
  • Explosion damage: 655%
  • Mana cost: 90
  • Cooldown: 28 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 720,5% / 786% / 851,5% / 917% / 982,5%

Skill effect is increased to:

  • 11% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
3 unload.png Unload 40 5 (alternate) Audrey unloads all her firearms to the front.
  • Ranged attack
  • Total damage: 960%
  • Missile damage: 110%
  • Cooldown: 60 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:

total damage:

  • 1056% / 1152% / 1248% / 1344% / 1440%

Missile damage:

  • 121% / 132% / 143% / 154% / 165%
3 panzerfaust.png Panzerfaust 45 Left + Right Click Fire a rocket launcher. If the rocket comes in contact with an enemy, it explodes. Holding the skill key will fire a stronger rocket.
  • Striking
  • additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Base damage: 660%
  • Max full charge damage: 1300%
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 30%
  • Mana cost: 250
  • Cooldown: 27 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:

Base damage:

  • 726% / 792% / 858% / 924% / 990%

Max full charge damage:

  • 1430% / 1560% / 1690% / 1820% / 1950%
3 napalm.png Napalm 55 T Fire a napalm bomb and create a flame zone. Enemies inside the flame zone become slowed.
  • additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Napalm Explosion: 810%
  • Max damage inside flame zone: 385%
  • Movement speed reduction: 70%
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 30%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 120 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 891% / 972% / 1053% / 1134% / 1215%

Max damage inside flame zone:

  • 423,5% / 462% / 500,5% / 539% / 577,5%
3 carpet bombing.png B52 Carpet bombing 65 T (alternate) Drop multiple bombs in a wide area.
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Damage per bomb: 360%
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 30%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 100 sec
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 396% / 432% / 468% / 504% / 540%

Passive Skills

Skill Icon Passive skills Level Skill Description Detailed Info Upgrade Info (SP)
3 sputnik laser.png Sputnik Laser 24 The satellite sometimes aids you with a laser attack. The satellite targets the enemy that has been attacked at least once by Audrey since the countdown started.
  • Sputnik laser damage: 380%
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 418% / 456% / 494% / 532% / 570%
3 electric pulse.png Electric Pulse 36 (alternate to Sputnik Laser) Enemies hit by [Flash Bang], [Photon Bomb] and [Photon Cannon] have a chance to be electrocuted.

Attacking an electrocuted enemy with any type of attack will activate Electrpic Pulse and attack 4 nearby enemies one at a time.

  • Electric Pulse Damage: 180%
Related Skill damage is increased to:
  • 198% / 216% / 234% / 252% / 270%
3 element of surprise.png Element of Surprise 50 When leaving a bush, drastically increase you and your allies attack power, attack speed and movement speed for 4 seconds. If there are no enemies nearby, also increases your movement speed.
  • Attack power increase: 20%
  • Attack speed increase: 20%
  • Movement speed increase: 40%
  • Out of combat movement speed increase: 20
  • Cooldown: 40 sec
Skill effect is increased to:

Attack power / Attack speed increase:

  • 22% / 24% / 26% / 28% / 30%

Movement speed increase:

  • 44% / 48% / 52% / 56% / 60%

Out of combat movement speed increase:

  • 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30
3 gun enthusiast.png Gun Enthusiast 60 If you have dealt a certain amount of damage to an enemy within 2 seconds, increase your attack power and attack speed for 22 seconds.

This effect stacks up to 10 times.

  • Attack power increase: 3%
  • Attack speed increase: 3%
  • 5 stack bonus effect: increase attack power and attack speed by 8% for 3 seconds.
Skill effect is increased to:

Attack power / Attack speed increase:

  • 3,3% / 3,6% / 3,9% / 4,2% / 4,5%

5 stack bonus increased to:

  • 8,8% / 9,6% / 10,4% / 11,2% / 12%
3 compressed capsule.png Compressed Capsule 70 (alternate to gun Enthusiast) If you have dealt a large amount of damage within the last 0.5 seconds, you'ill gain a buff that increases your attack power for 7 seconds. Also decreases cooldown for all skills.
  • Attack power increase: 25%
  • Skill cooldown reduction: 8%
  • Cooldown: 10 sec
Skill effect is increased to:

Attack power increase:

  • 27,5% / 30% / 32,5% / 35% / 37,5%

Skill cooldown reduction:

  • 8,8% / 9,6% / 10,4% / 11,2% / 12%

Skill modifications

Head Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Chain 5 [Electric Pulse]

[Electric Pulse] damage up to 5 enemies.

Cheap Flash Bang [Flash Bang]

[Flash Bang]'s mana cost becomes 70.

Destroyer: Follow Mode [D2 Destroyer]

[D2 Destroyer] tends to gather around Audrey. (Excluding Siege Mode) Whenever Audrey is within 4m radius of it, increases attack power and drastically increase the attack speed.

Destroyer: Laser Mode [D2 Destroyer]

[D2 Destroyer] shoots a penetrating laser.

Destroyer: Siege Mode [D2 Destroyer]

[D2 Destroyer] stays in one spot and fires a powerful long range artillery shot. The enemies do not target the Destroyer.

Flame Throw [Three Way Shot]

Activating [Three Way Shot] will fire a mid-range flamethrower instead of bullets.

Homing Incendiary Bomb [Incendiary Bomb]

Each [Incendiary Bomb] fired, tracks down separate enemies, but it decreases the explosion radius by 30%.

Hot Gunpoint [Rifle Fire]

If enemies get close to you during [Rifle Fire], burn them with a hot muzzle. After that, increase the damage of [Rifle Fire] by 30% for 3 seconds.

Install Mine [Mine Jump]

When using [Mine Jump], instead of jumping, Audrey shovels a mine in front of her. If enemies are within the shovel distance, throw them toward the shoveled mine as well.

Laser Snipe [Snipe]

[Snipe] becomes a penetrating Laser Shot, but damage is reduced.

Mobile Shot [Slide]

During [Slide], if you left mouse click, you will fire a single shot that knocks back enemies and followed by 3 shots.

Top Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Collision Accident [Backfire]

When you move back with [Backfire], deal striking damage to enemies that comes in contact with Audrey.

D6 Hammerfall Drop a giant spinning drone on a crowd of 3 enemies. It also has a chance to activate on boss monsters.
Destroyer Army [D2 Destroyer]

Increases the summon limit of [D2 Destroyer] by 1. (Effect May Stack)

Expand Cover [Photon Bomb]

[Photon Bomb] deals additional damage to airborne enemies and if it hits a wall, it explodes for a wider radius.

Fire Cracker When Audrey is in the air, hold left mouse button to throw multiple [Firecracker]. [Firecracker] deals multiple damage to enemies that it comes in contact with on the ground.
Fire Zone [Incendiary Bomb]

Creates a fire zone where the [Incendiary Bomb] lands and deals damage over time to any enemies that is on top of it.

Five Way Shot [Three Way Shot]

[Three Way Shot] has a chance to fire in 5 directions.

Hammer Strike! [Sliding Shot]

During [Sliding Shot], if there are 6 enemies in the firing direction, fire a hammer to deal massive damage. It also has a chance to activate on boss ranked monsters.

Lava Zone [Napalm]

Increases the radius and duration of [Napalm] by 33%.

Lightning Shield [Flash Bang]

Each time you use [Flash Bang], create a shield that blocks 0.1 times max HP for 5 seconds.

Mine Hopper [Mine Jump]

As you fall down from [Mine Jump], press mousewheel up / Q to use the [Mine Jump] again in a different direction. If you have the [Install Mine] skill equipped, you can press mousewheel up / Q during [Install Mine] skill's animation to use it again.

Mass Sabotage [HE30 Saboteur]

Increases debuff and explosion radius of [HE30 Saboteur] by 33%.

Overheat [M137 Gatling Gun]

[M137 Gatling Gun] deals additional damage to boss, champion, and mutant monsters and each kill with [M137 Gatling Gun] will increase the Gatling Gun's attack power for 3 seconds.

Penetrating Shot [Rifle Fire]

Increase the penetration chance of [Rifle Fire].

Red Owl [Snipe]

The last enemy to be hit by [Snipe]'s bullet will be marked with a red owl and receive 320% additional damage.

Reduce Morale [Element of Surprise]

When [Element of Surprise] activates, all enemies near Audrey receives 5% additional damage.

Rocket Launcher [Rifle Fire]

When 4 or more enemies gather during [Rifle Fire], fire a [Rocket Launcher].

Satellite Watch [Sputnik Laser]

When [Sputnik Laser] activates, reduces the cooldown of all skills by 2.5 seconds.

Semi-Auto Shotgun [Spas Shotgun]

Have a chance to activate [Spas Shotgun] multiple times.

Super Long Range Snipe [Snipe]

If you [Snipe] an enemy that is further then 8m, the damage becomes stronger and has a striking effect.

Support Artillery [B52 Carpet Bombing]

After using [B52 Carpet Bombing], receive 2 additional artillery support.

SWAT Assault When Audrey is in the air or attacking airborne enemies, increase attack power.

Bottom Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
3 Point Rally [Gun Enthusiast]

When [Three Way Shot] is on cooldown and [Gun Enthusiast] activates, consume 50 mana to automatically activate [Three Way Shot]. This skill only activates if your mana is 200 or higher.

Armory [Unload]

During [Unload], you gain super armor and increase the firing duration.

Back Blast [PanzerFaust]

After firing [Panzerfaust], deals damage to nearby enemies.

Blue Shells [Spas Shotgun]

If your remaining mana is lower then 40%, mana recovery of [Spas Shotgun] increases by 50%.

Chemical Reaction [Incendiary Bomb]

If [Incendiary Bomb] drops on top of the flame zone created by [Napalm], it creates an additional explosion.

Compressed Wave [Photon Bomb]

Enemies receive damage over time upon contact with [Photon Bomb] when it is still charging.

Destroyer Army [D2 Destroyer]

Increases the summon limit of [D2 Destroyer] by 1. (Effect May Stack)

Double Sputnik [Sputnik Laser]

When [Sputnik Laser] is activated, the laser drops down twice to enemies that are hit 3 times or more.

Enhanced Heat Sensor [Incendiary Bomb], [Napalm]

Increases the chance to apply heat mark from [Incendiary Bomb] and [Napalm].

Extended Magazine [Sliding Shot]

Increases the number of shots fired by [Sliding Shot] by 30%.

Fire Carpet [Backfire]

Increases the attack radius of [Backfire] and pulls the attacked enemies on top of the fair trail.

GPS Target Lock [Rifle Fire]

Warn an enemy within 3m and fire a laser from the sky. This skill is affected by boost/enhance effect of [Rifle Fire].

High Speed Compressor [Photon Bomb]

Reduces the charge time of [Photon Bomb] by 25% and reduces the charged mana cost by 50%.

Mine Shot [Mine Jump]

Each time you strike a super armored monster, have a chance to install a mine.

Now! [H Beam]

When you use [H Beam] to hit a super armor enemy that is about attack and see the CANCEL effect, recover 40 mana.

Piercing Pain [HE30 Saboteur]

Enemies within the attack radius of [HE30 Saboteur] receive damage over time and become slower.

Rapid Restock [H Beam]

Decrease the cooldown of H Beam by 30%.

Rocket Jump Right click while in the air or being attacked to fire a rocket launcher toward the ground to deal Striking Damage and jump using the recoil. Consumes 100 mana.
Snipe-a-holic [Snipe]

You recover 2.5-7.5 mana for the first 3 enemies hit by Snipe. Mana recovery is increased if the target is farther away. If the attacked enemy is boss ranked, recover up to 15 mana.

Suicide Squad [D2 Destroyer]

Before [D2 Destroyer] expires, charge towards an enemy and explode.

Switcheroo [Mine Jump]

Each time Mine Jump is activated, install a mine.

Tank Support [Rifle Fire]

Hitting an enemy that is further away than 7m will have a tank fire hit them. If the distance is further than 9m, it has a higher chance to activate.

Shoes Mods

Mod name Skill / Effect
Anti-Tank Mine [Mine Jump]

Increases the explosion radius of all mines by 20% and deals additional damage to boss or mutant monsters.

Cluster Bomb [Photon Cannon]

Whenever you create [Photon Cannon], lower the cooldown of [Incendiary Bomb] and [Napalm] by a small amount.

Cold Mercenary [Element of Surprise]

When [Element of Surprise] Activates, reduces the remaining cooldown of all skills by 10%.

Destroyer Army [D2 Destroyer]

Increases the summon limit of [D2 Destroyer] by 1. (Effect May Stack)

Electric Napalm [Napalm]

All [Napalm] attack acquires lightning attribute and may cause electrocution effect.

Focused Artillery [B52 Carpet Bombing]

B52 Carpet Bombing focuses its bombs in one area.

Mana Capsule [Compressed Capsule]

Each time [Compressed Capsule] is activated, recover 30 mana.

Rebound Acceleration [Unload]

During Unload, If it hits a wall or a D2 Destroyer, attack power will drastically increase.

Stealth War If you are inside a bush or near a [D2 Destroyer], attack power and defense increases.
Total Destruction [Unload]

When [Unload] activates, all nearby enemies will receive striking damage.

Watchdog Every set period, automatically attach a [Watch Dog] on yourself to increases defense and block a single attack for 60 seconds.

Weapon Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Chain Saboteur [HE30 Saboteur]

If an enemy with [HE30 Saboteur] attached to it dies before the explosion, it explodes immediately and attaches on to a different nearby enemy. This effect can occur up to 4 times.

Charging Boost [Panzerfaust]

Fully charging [Panzerfaust] will consume 150 additional mana to drastically increase the damage.

Construction Accident [H Beam]

When activating [H Beam], drop up to 4 H Beams at once.

D-1 Air Drones Send out a squadron of air drones to enemies in the air. It also has a chance to activate on boss monsters.
Destroyer Army [D2 Destroyer]

Increases the summon limit of [D2 Destroyer] by 1. (Effect May Stack)

Destroyer: Grenade Launcher Mode [D2 Destroyer]

[D2 Destroyer] launches grenades during its attack to damage enemies.

Electric [Flash Bang], [Photon Bomb]

Increase the chance of [Flash Bang] and [Photon Bomb] to electrocute attacked enemies.

Equip: Gatling Gun [Unload], [M137 Gatling Gun]

When [Unload] activates, fire a Gatling Gun at the target direction. This skill's damage is affected by boost/enhance effects of [M137 Gatling Gun].

Equip: Homing Rocket [Unload]

When you activate [Unload], fire a special missile that tracks down elite monsters.

Explosive Flash Bang [Flash Bang]

Increases the damage of [Flash Bang] by 50%.

Explosive Shot [Rifle Fire]

[Rifle Fire] creates explosions more often.

Fire Rain [Incendiary Bomb]

Increases the number of Incendiary Bomb by 3.

Flash Boom [Flash Bang]

Increases the skill radius of [Flash Bang] by 50%.

General Killer [Snipe]

If [Snipe] hits a boss or a champion ranked monster, drastically increase the damage.

Grenade [Rifle Fire]

Fire a grenade shot during [Rifle Fire] to deal damage in an area. It also activates when [Rifle Fire] hits an enemy at the same time with an ally.

Ground Zero [Carpet Bombing]

After using [Carpet Bombing] T and if you press the T key again, drop down a Nuclear bomb with a striking effect. Can only be used once while [Carpet Bombing] is on cooldown.

Multi-shot Rifle [Three Way Shot]

Three way shot duration increased by 30%.

Photon Tornado [Photon Bomb]

Firing a fully charged [Photon Bomb] will leave a photon tornado that pulls in enemies and hit them multiple times.

Reload [M137 Gatling Gun]

[M137 Gatling Gun] has a chance to reload and fire longer. If the direction you are facing has a lot of monsters at the end of [M137 Gatling Gun], it has a higher chance to reload. Can reload up to 2 times.

Satellite Data Transfer [Sputnik Laser]

When [Sputnik Laser] activates, recover 120 mana.

Termite Napalm [Napalm]

Increases the attack power of flame zone created by [Napalm].

Veteran Sniper [Snipe]

[Snipe] stacks charge 20% faster.

Character illustrations

Patch history

Patch 1.58
  • Correct mana recovery amount was applied for the [SPAS Shotgun] skill.
  • Fixed [D2 Destroyer] skill where it is not visible when summoned in midair.
Patch 1.55
  • SPAS Shotgun
    • Damage increased by 26%
    • Mana Recovery increased by 50%
  • Photon Bomb
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Full Charge damage increased by 50%
  • Backfire
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Skill Options
      • All Skill Option Damage increased by 20%
  • Panzerfaust
    • Full Charge damage increased by 18%
    • Skill Mod
      • Charging Boost - Damage increased by 40%
  • Destroyer
    • Damage decreased by 25%
    • HP increased by 40%
  • Sputnik Laser
    • Damage increased by 30%
    • Skill Mod
      • Satellite Data Transfer - Mana Recovery increased by 200% Damage
Patch 1.51
  • Mobile Shot skill option will no longer stop Audrey’s slide when holding down left-click during Slide.
  • When Hot Gunpoint skill option’s Hot Muzzle effect is triggered, enemies hit by the attack will turn red to display the effect.
    • Also the range of the attack has been slightly increased.
Patch 1.49
  • Audrey’s SPAS Shotgun is now recovering the correct amount of mana.
Patch 1.47
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the bug where Destroyer no longer attached after entering and leaving the tent.
    • Destroyer can now attack giant monsters such as Enkidu
    • Increased the buff duration of [Element of Surprise] from 4 seconds → 6 seconds
    • A buff icon appears on top of the skill bar to show buff effect of [Element of Surprise]
    • [Hot Muzzle] skill’s damage adjusted.
Patch 1.35
  • Photon Bomb
    • Direction can be changed while charging
    • Three Way Shot
      • Duration time increased while charging
      • Each bullet fired will now do damage and are affected by the skill’s upgrade level
      • When [Sliding Shot] is activated, it will be affected by [Three Way Shot]
      • When upgraded, mana consumption or increase of duration will no longer be effected. Instead damage will increase.
    • D2 Destroyer
      • Destroyer’s defense has been adjusted to the intended amount.
      • The cooldown will now start upon being summoned
      • Destroyer will now disappear as intended once its duration is over.
      • Destroyer can now be summoned after using a jump pad or portal.
    • Electric Pulse
      • When attacking an electrified target multiple times, lightning chains should no longer appear as many times.
      • Increased the chance to electrify when using [Flash Bang] or [Photon Bomb] from 15% to 20%
      • Decreased the chance to electrify when using [Photon Cannon] and [Item Skill: Photon Tornado] from 15% to 10%.
  • Item Skill Option Fixes/Changes
    • [Explosion]: Now activates as intended
    • [Rocket Jump]: Fixed jump projectile and motion
    • [Mine Jump]: Now increases the range of the mini being detonated.
    • [Trained Sniper]: Icon fixed to [Snipe]
    • [Destroyer]: Summon limit will no longer increase when equipped before the game starts
  • ETC
    • When the skill option [Destroyer Army] is unequipped while all drones are summoned, the extra drones will correctly disappear.
Patch 1.30
  • Decreased the damage of [Flash Bang] by 15%
Patch 1.25
  • Normal attack effects are now visible.
  • Damage for [Fire Cracker] decreased
    • The damage output was much higher than originally intended

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