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B no edit.png
Nickname: Blade
Real Name: James Reese
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood type: B RH- / Before the accident. Currently unknown. (Orange Blood)
Birthday: July 12th
Weapon: Dual Blade / Lighter, sharper, and faster than Nagne's swords
Profession: Brindish Minority --> 6 Villains of Wimp --> Freelancer
Specialty: He used to be able to extend his blade about 3cm but ever since he gained the power of the Dino King through its blood, he can extend his blade much longer.
Hobby: Sharpening his sword, raising fishes, sparring with Nagne

B is one of the Characters in the game HeroWarz.


A boy who lives on pain killers every day to deal with unimaginable pain. He was once used as bait for hunting the Dino King and did actually die, but when the blood of the Dino King entered his bloodstream, he came back to life. After that incident, his blood became orange. Then, wearing a mask to hide his identity, he infiltrated the organization that betrayed him and defeated the Strongest Blade, B, to become the next B. He swings his sword wildly, as he is going blind from the toxic blood. He's good at combat but very shy. The female super villains take care of him.


He is very indecisive and easily gets lonely. He's very affectionate and stays loyal to his friends. He is nice to everyone, whether they are his friends or not. But he hates crowds, so likes to stand by himself in a corner. During combat he becomes violent and merciless.


B used to be the lowest of the low in Brindish. He joined an organization that leaned towards villains rather than heroes and even though he was weak, he was very loyal. He had a secret crush on one of the girls at the organization. He had an ability to spontaneously extend his blade about 3cm, but because it was so weak, he didn't even mention that. He later failed a mission and got poisoned, and this poison slowly reduced his muscle mass. Once the organization realized that B was useless, they tricked him and used him as bait for the Dino King. He lured the Dino King out from its cave, but then died from the poisonous sting on its tail. They successfully hunt the Dino King and stack up on the riches while B is dying. But a miracle happened where the poison from the Dino King and the poison from his bloodstream created a chemical reaction that brought B back to life. Even though he was brought back to life, he is living on the edge and could die at any moment. His blood became orange, and he started wearing a mask. He returned to the organization with his identity hidden and fought without fear as he thinks he would die regardless. He used the power of the Dino King blood to defeat B, the strongest blade and claimed the title of B for himself. He depended on Wimp, who supplies him the pills to suppress his pain caused by the two toxins in his bloodstream, but since Wimp's death, he's been trying to depend less on the drugs. He's strong in combat but because he's such an introvert, female villains like IQ and Mind take care of him like a little brother.

Skill Spotlights


Active Skills

Skill Icon Active Skills Level Key binding Skill Description Type / Effect Detailed Info Upgrade Info (SP)
7 dual sword style.png Dual Sword Style 1 Left Click (hold) Wildly swing your two swords and sometimes performs quick thrusts. Thrust attacks and the final attack makes the enemy flinch.
  • Melee Attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Mana recovery during use: 2.5
  • Max damage per set: 520%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 572% / 624% / 676% / 728% 780%
7 cross slash.png Cross Slash 2 Right Click
  • While rushing a short distance, B will cross his dual swords and deal slash damage. Each time it procs, 30 mana is consumed.[Charged Slash]: If activated after charging for a long time, it will become a wider and more powerful slash and a large sword chi will deal damage and cause bleed.
  • Melee attack
  • Basic cross slash: 190%
  • Basic charged slash damage: 380%
  • Fully charged slash damage: 600%
  • Charged slash sword chi max damage: 280%
  • Charged slash bleed max damage: 300%
  • Mana cost: 30
Related skill damage is increased to:

Basis cross slash damage:

  • 209% / 228% / 247% / 266% / 285%

Basic charged damage:

  • 418% / 456% / 494% / 532% / 570%

Fully charged slash damage:

  • 660% / 720% / 780% / 840% / 900%

Charged slash sword chi max damage:

  • 308% / 336%/ 364% / 392% / 420%

Charged slash bleed max damage:

  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%
7 reckless charge.png Reckless Charge 3 Mousewheel up / Q Charge forward and skewer any enemy that comes in contact with B. Mana will be recovered with each skewered enemy. If B travels the max distance or the skill key is pressed again, slam the enemies towards the ground. Receive reduced damage during Reckless Charge.
  • Melee attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Damage reduction during use
  • Each skewer damage : 50%
  • Slam damage: 500%
  • Mana recovered per skewer: 10
  • Mana recovered per skewer (champion or higher):50
  • Damage reduction during use: 50%
Related skill damage is increased to:

Each skewer damage:

  • 55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75%

Slam damage:

  • 550% / 600% / 650% / 700% / 750%

Mana recovery is increased to:

mana recovered per skewer:

  • 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15

Mana recovered per champion or higher:

  • 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75
7 vertical slash.png Vertical Slash 4 Mousewheel down / E Slash left and right with your swords and pull in all enemies that were hit towards you.
  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 145%
  • Mana cost: 30
  • Cooldown: 6 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 159,5% / 174% / 188,5% / 203% / 217,5%
7 blind slaughter.png Blind Slaughter 5 Space Swiftly and recklessly swing your sword around to deal damage while moving. First and last hit of the attack will have a striking Effect.
  • Striking
  • Max damage: 2010%
  • Mana cost : 300
  • Cooldown : 25 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 2211% / 2412% / 2613% / 2814% / 3015%
7 spiral slash.png Spiral Slash 6 Left Click (beside or behind the enemy) Spin once to deal damage to all nearby enemies and also cause a bleed effect.
  • Melee attack
  • Slash damage: 150%
  • Max bleed damage: 300%
Related skill damage is increased to:

Slash damage:

  • 165% / 180% / 195% / 210% / 225%

Max bleed damage:

  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%
7 orange blade.png Orange Blade 8 1 Lash in a wide angle and deal multiple damage to enemies. This skill consumes 7% HP.
  • Melee Attack
  • Max damage: 890%
  • Cooldown: 10 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 979% / 1068% / 1157% / 1246% / 1335%
7 11 slash.png 11 slash 9 Left Click (hold on enemies in the air Slash downward on airborne enemies and recover HP depending on the number of hits. When B's in the air, he quickly descends and slashes the enemies.
  • Melee attack
  • HP Recovery
  • damage: 270%
  • HP recovered per hit: 0,75%
  • Cooldown: 4 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 297% / 324% / 351% / 378% / 405%

HP recovery is increased to:

  • 0,825% / 0,9% / 0,975% / 1,05% / 1,125%
7 earth smash.png Earth Smash 10 R Jump 10m forward to launch the enemies in the air with a striking effect. This skill consumes 12% HP.
  • Striking
  • Damage: 650%
  • Cooldown: 15 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 715% / 780% / 845% / 910% / 975%
7 v slash.png V slash 12 Left click (hold on knocked down enemy) Slash the knocked down enemy twice in a V shape. Each slash recovers mana.
  • Melee attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Max slash damage: 220%
  • Max mana recovery: 10
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 242% / 264% / 286% / 308% / 330%

Mana recovery is increased to:

  • 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15
7 blade storm.png Blade Storm 14 3 1st stage: B spins rapidly while moving and pull in nearby enemies toward him while moving.

2nd stage (during 1st stage press 3 again): Tornado rises up and spins faster and stronger.
3rd stage (during 2nd stage press 3 again): Grab nearby enemies and slam them on the ground.
Each stage activation consumes 7.5% HP.

  • Area Attack
  • 1st stage damage per sec: 450%
  • 2nd stage damage per sec: 1200%
  • 3rd stage slam damage: 1600%
  • Cooldown: 28 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

1st stage:

  • 495% / 540% / 585% / 630% / 675%

2nd stage:

  • 1320% / 1440% / 1560% / 1680% / 1800%

3rd stage:

  • 1760% / 1920 % / 2080% / 2240% / 2400%
7 double pierce.png Double Pierce 20 Mousewheel up / Q (alternative) Thrust then pull your extended swords to deal damage twice to the enemies in front of you. May cause bleed effect.
  • Melee attack
  • Thrust damage: 180%
  • Retrieve damage: 180%
  • Max bleed damage: 300%
  • Mana cost: 25
  • Cooldown: 5.5 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Thrust and retrieve damage:

  • 198% / 216% / 234% / 252% / 270%

Max bleed damage:

  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%
7 gatling drone.png Gatling Drone 26 5 IQ summons up to 4 drones that fire Gatling guns. Enemies hit by the drones will receive increased damage.
  • Summon
  • Drone summon damage: 100%
  • Gatling gun damage per hit: 15%
  • Receiving damage increased on enemies hit by drones: 10%
  • Drone self-destruct damage: 300%
  • Mana cost: 180
  • Cooldown: 30 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Drone Summon damage:

  • 110% / 120% / 130% / 140% / 150%

Gatling gun damage per hit:

  • 16,5% / 18% / 19,5% / 21% / 22,5%

Drone self-destruct damage:

  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%

Skill effect is increased to:

Receiving damage increase:

  • 11% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
7 fire snake.png Fire snake 29 4 Move forward in a zigzag motion while slashing all enemies caught by the movement. You do not receive any damage while moving.
  • Striking
  • Max damage: 765%
  • Cooldown: 21 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 841,5% / 918% / 994,5% / 1071% / 1147,5%
7 change form.png Change Form 32 2 Each time this skill is used, B's form changes from Azure Demon/Crimson Demon/Normal.

Azure Demon: Converts Mana to HP
Crimson Demon: Converts HP to Mana
Each time his from changes, his movement speed increases drastically. If mana is already low, B will change his form from normal to Crimson Demon.

  • Self Buff
  • Azure demon: 3% mana will be converted to 2% HP per second
  • Crimson demon: 3% hp will be converted to 2% mana per second
  • When changing form increase movement speed by 30%
  • Cooldown: 3 sec
HP recovery rate / mana recovery rate is increased to:

Azure demon:

Mana conversion:

  • 3,15% / 3,3% / 3,45% / 3,6% / 3,75%

HP conversion:

  • 2,1% / 2,2% / 2,3% / 2,4% / 2,5%

Crimson Demon:

HP conversion:

  • 3,15% / 3,3% / 3,45% / 3,6% / 3,75%

Mana conversion:

  • 2,1% / 2,2% / 2,3% / 2,4% / 2,5%
7 memories of wimp.png Memories of the Wimp 35 5 (alternate) Wimp from your memories appear for a short duration before exploding. Wimp taunts nearby enemies when he appears. If wimp's HP becomes 0 before the end of the duration, he doesn't explode.
  • Taunt
  • Appearance damage: 100%
  • Explosion damage: 950%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 36 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Appearance damage:

  • 110% / 120% / 130% / 140% / 150%

Explosion damage:

  • 1045% / 1140% / 1235% / 1330% / 1425%
7 unbreakable will.png Unbreakable Will 38 T For a short duration, B gains super armor and gains grapple immunity. B's attack power and damage reduction also increases. Also, increases the radius of [Dual Sword Style], [Spiral Slash], [Cross Slash], and [Dual Sword Style] causes an additional hit.
  • Self Buff
  • Super armor during use
  • Grapple immunity during use
  • Additional damage to boss,champion and mutant monsters
  • Attack speed increase: 20%
  • Damage reduction: 15%
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 15%
  • Dual Sword additional damage: 30%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 150 sec
Additional hit damage is increased to:

Dual Sword additional damage:

  • 33% / 36% / 39% / 42% / 45%

Skill effect is increased to:

Attack speed increase:

  • 22% / 24% / 26% / 28% / 30%

Damage reduction:

  • 16,5% / 18% / 19,5% / 21% / 22,5%
7 amp.png Amp 42 3 (alternate) Consume 100 mana to decrease all remaining cooldowns of all skills and increase your attack speed for a set duration. If you quickly use the skill, the effect stacks up to 3 times and when you are at 3 stacks, you receive a damage reduction effect.
  • Self buff
  • 1 stack attack speed increase: 5%
  • 1 stack cooldown decrease: 3 sec
  • 2 stack cooldown decrease: 4 sec
  • 3 stack cooldown decrease: 5 sec
  • 3 stack damage reduction increase: 20%
  • Mana cost: 100
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
Skill effect is increased to:

1 stack attack speed increase:

  • 5,5% / 6% / 6,5% / 7% / 7,5%

1 stack cooldown increase:

  • 3,3 sec / 3,6 sec / 3,9 sec / 4,2 sec / 4,5 sec

2 stack cooldown decrease:

  • 4,4 sec / 4,8 sec / 5,2 sec / 5,6 sec / 6 sec

3 stack cooldown decrease:

  • 5,5 sec / 6 sec / 6,5 sec / 7 sec / 7,5 sec

3 stack damage reduction:

  • 22% / 24% / 26,% / 28% / 30%
7 x calibur.png X Calibur 50 Left + Right Click Extend your blade and slash the ground with massive force. Consumes 30% HP upon use.
  • Striking
  • additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Max center X damage: 3140%
  • Tip of X damage: 1570%
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 30 %
  • Cooldown: 80 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Max X center damage :

  • 3454% / 3768% / 4082% / 4396% / 4710%

Tip X damage:

  • 1727% / 1884% / 2041% / 2198% / 2355%
7 hallucination.png Hallucination 62 T (alternate) B falls in to an hallucination and summons multiple forms of himself. B's hallucinations automatically attack the nearby enemies and copies [Reckless Charge] ) and [Earth Smash] used by B.
  • Summon
  • Hallucination B attack power: 30% of B's attack power
  • Additional damage to normal monsters: 50%
  • Mana cost: 150
  • Cooldown: 120 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 33% / 36% / 39% / 42% / 45%

Passive Skills

Skill Icons Passive Skills Level Skill Description Detailed Info Upgrade Info (SP)
7 rashamon.png Rashomon 7 Enemies hit by [Reckless Charge] or [Vertical Slash] will have a set chance to receive a [Rashomon] mark. If you hold left mouse button while an enemy with [Rashomon] mark is nearby, create the same amount of orange explosions as the mark.
  • Splash explosion damage: 75%
  • Splash explosion damage to boss, champion or mutant monsters: 180%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 82,5% / 90% / 97,5% / 105% / 112,5%
7 pain is power.png Pain is Power 16 B's attack power increases as his HP decreases.
  • Attack power increase with each missing -20%hp : 5%
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 5,5% / 6% / 6,5% / 7% / 7,5%
7 toxic blood.png Toxic Blood 18 Have a chance to poison nearby enemies with your orange blood whenever you lose 5% HP at once. Hitting the orange stained enemies will recover your HP and if an enemy stained with your orange blood dies, more HP will be recovered. Losing more HP will let you stain more enemies.
  • Max orange blood damage to normal monsters: 350%
  • Max damage to champion or higher monsters: 560%
  • Hp recovered per sec when attacking orange stained enemies: 1%
  • Hp recovered when orange stained enemy dies: 2%
Related skill damage is increased to:

Max damage vs normal monsters:

  • 385% / 420% / 450% / 490% / 525%

Max damage vs champion or higher monsters:

  • 616% / 672% / 728% / 784% / 840%

Hp recovery amount is increased to:

HP recovered per sec when attacking orange enemies:

  • 1,1% / 1,2% / 1,3% / 1,4% / 1,5%

HP recovered when orange enemy dies:

  • 2,2% / 2,4% / 2,6% / 2,8% / 3%
7 fear the mind.png Fear the Mind 23 Mind disturbs the mind of a nearby enemy that is about to attack. Enemies hit by Mind's attack will be feared for a short duration.
  • Corruption damage: 215%
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 236,5% / 258% / 279,5% / 301% / 322,5%

Cooldown is reduced to:

  • 19 sec / 18 sec / 17 sec / 16 sec / 15 sec
7 joy of blood.png Joy of Blood 46

(alternate to Rashomon)

Increases [Dual Sword Style] and [Blind Slaughter] damage on bleeding enemies and have a higher chance to cause a bleed with fully charged [Cross Slash], [Spiral Slash], or [Double Pierce].
  • Dual sword style & blind slaughter damage increase on bleeding enemies: 30%
  • Max bleed damage: 300%
Bleed damage is increased to:
  • 33% / 36% / 39% / 42% / 45%

Bleed duration is increased by:

  • 0.5 sec ( rank 1) / 1 sec ( rank 3) / 1.5 sec ( rank 5 )
7 ambush.png Ambush 54

(alternate to fear the mind)

When leaving a bush, Critical Hit Damage increased for 4 seconds. If you defeat an enemy or hit a Boss, Champion or Mutant while the buff is in effect, an additional Ambush buff will proc.
  • Critical hit damage is increased by: 20%
  • Cooldown: 10 sec
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 22% / 24% / 26% / 28% / 30%
7 im not going down.png I'm not going down 58 When B's HP reaches 20% or less, a long sword will appear on top of B and turn to the color red. When the blade is fully covered in red, recover 20% HP. After the skill activates, if you die before you get the full recovery, the skill cooldown will not start.
  • Cooldown: 60 sec
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 22% / 24% / 26% / 28% / 30%
7 thirst.png Thirst 66 If the summed up HP recovery amount goes over 40% HP, increase your critical hit chance for a set duration. 
  • Critical hit chance increase: 10%
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 11% / 12% / 13% / 14% / 15%
7 short temper.png Short temper 70

(alternate to thirst)

Each time you travel 7m in 1 second, reduce the cooldown of all skills by 0.5 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 2 sec
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 0,55 sec / 0,6 sec / 0,65 sec / 0,7 sec / 0,75 sec

Skill modifications

Head Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
B Attack power is increased for a short duration each time you kill 50 enemies or by attacking a boss, champion or a mutant monster 10 times.
Black Mamba [Fire Snake]

When [Fire Snake] is activated, move forward quickly and return.

Blood Colored Shadow [Joy of Blood]

If your overall bleed numbers exceed 100 times, create a bloody shadow that deals damage over time for a set duration.

Blood Drinking Snake [Fire Snake]

When [Fire Snake] is activated, slash all nearby enemies with the [Toxic Blood] or bleed debuff and deal additional damage. If there are no enemies with [Toxic Blood] or bleed debuff, moves normally.

Body of Steel [Together with You]

When Wimp appears, he grabs the enemies and pushes them forwards he moves. If you have the item skill [Together with You] equipped, Wimp moves toward B from far away while pushing the enemies toward B.

Enhance: 11 Slash [11 Slash]

The damage for 11 slash along with any related skills will increase by 8%.

Enhance: Double Pierce [Double Pierce]

The damage for Double Pierce along with any related skills will increase by 8%.

Enhance: Toxic Blood [Toxic Blood]

The damage for Toxic Blood along with any related skills will increase by 8%.

Loud Machinery [Gatling Drone]

[Gatling Drone]'s effect of dealing more damage is increased by 50%, and movement speed is reduced.

Mental Breakdown [Fear the Mind]

Have a chance for Mind to use Mind Break instead of Fear the mind and stun the enemy.

Pursuit of Earth [Earth Smash]

[Earth Smash]'s attack range is increased. Special ranked monsters within a 10m range will be targeted first.

The longest Sword in History [X Calibur]

X Calibur will attack with a single giant sword intead of an X shape. Decreases the cooldown of X Calibur by 30%.

Triplet [Cross Slash]

When Cross Slash is fully charged, fire 3 orange blades in different directions instead of 1 large one.

Top Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Assassination [Double Pierce]

Teleport behind the furthest enemy within the skill range and perform [Double Pierce].

Assignment Every 15 seconds, receive a mission to kill a random target. When you successfully kill the target, recover 2% HP and increase your defense by 5%. If you complete the assignment 5 times in a row, recover 20 mana.
Before the Door Close [Rashomon]

Each time Rashomon Explodes and deals damage to an enemy, recover 5 mana. If the attacked enemy is champion or higher, recover 10 mana.

Blue Orange [Orange Blade]

[Orange Blade] consumes 150 mana instead of HP.

Calculated Charge [Reckless Charge]

Every time an enemy is skewered by [Reckless Charge], recover 1% HP.

Cross Flurry [Cross Slash]

Decrease the mana consumption of Cross Slash type skills by 30%

Double Moon Slash [11 Slash]

Using 11 Slash will shoot out 2 sharp blades.

Earth's Punishment [Earth smash]

Earth Smash deals additional damage to enemies in attack motion.

Elite Killer [Blind Slaughter]

[Blind Slaughter] deals additional damage to boss, champion, and mutant monsters and also increases your critical hit damage for a short duration.

Everybody wants us [Memories of the Wimp]

Drastically increase Wimp's taunt radius and HP.

Long Slash Makes the [Vertical Slash] radius narrow and longer.
Masquerade [Change Form]

Increase the damage reduction while in Crimson Demon form by 10% and decrease the skill cooldown in Azure Demon form by 7.5%.

Mass Production [Gatling Drone]

Increase the number of drones summoned by Gatling Drone.

Massive Whirlwind [Blade Storm]

When Bladestorm is activated, a gust of wind pulls enemies within a wide radius towards B.

Persistence [Dual Sword Style]

[Dual Sword Style] skills slowly recover HP.

Prey Hunting Snake [Fire Snake]

Recover your HP and mana depending on the number of enemies hit by Fire Snake. Hitting enemies champions or higher will recover additional HP and mana.

Red Orange [Orange Blade]

If you attack an enemy with a bleed debuff with Orange Blade, causes additional slash damage.

Tough Orange [Toxic Blood]

Increase the duration of Toxic Blood

V=Vitamin [V Slash]

Increase the mana recovery of V Slash by 50%.

Bottom Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
BBQ [Fire Snake]

Each time you kill a normal monster or hit boss, champion, or mutant monster with [Fire Snake], decrease the cooldown by 0.5 sec. 

Bloody Slaughter [Blind Slaughter]

[Blind Slaughter]'s cooldown is reduced by 1 second each time you kill an enemy with a bleed debuff.

Dehydration [Thirst]

Decrease the required HP recovery of Activate Thirst by 25%.

Drone Upgrade [Gatling Drone]

Gatling Drone's duration is increased and gathers near B little by little.

Eye of the storm [Blade Storm]

Blade storm consumes 15% of your hp, launches you a certain distance while executing 2nd and 3rd automatically.

Looks like you have friends [hallucinations]

Summons additional B hallucinations.

Mine Shield If there are any nearby enemies trying to attack B, Mind sometimes grants a shield.
My Justice [Memories of the Wimp]

Increase Wimp's exsplosion range.

Never Give Up [Unbreakable Will]

Increase the duration of [Unbreakable Will] by 25%

No Way Out [Rashomon]

Increases the chance to apply the [Rashomon] mark.

Orange Festival [Toxic Blood]

Each time you consume 20% at once, have a set chance to cause the [Toxic Blood] effect to enemies in a wide area.

Orange Hammer [Reckless Charge]

If you have an enemy skewered after [Reckless Charge], jump towards the target direction and slam the enemy. Increased damage and radius of the slam attack.

*Invincible when the skill in in use.

Orange Mix [Toxic Blood]

If you attack an enemy with toxic blood debuff with orange blade, a small blade will spin around and deal additional damage.

Pointless Life [Vertical Slash]

Each hit of [Vertical Slash] will decrease its remaining cooldown of [Vertical Slash] by 0.2 seconds. If the attacked enemy is champion or higher, cooldown is decreased by 1 second per hit.

Poppin' Pills [Amp]

When activating Amp, consume 240 mana to instantly get 3 stacks. If your mana is below 240, Amp will not activate.

Relentless Slash [Dual Sword Style]

If you hit a certain number of dual sword style within a short span of time, perform a wild swinging attack that may cause a bleed debuff. Use Dual Sword Style with high attack speed to activate this skill more often.

Sword of Life [11 Slash]

Hitting the [11 Slash] will increase B's HP recovery by 50%.

V Pull [V Slash]

[V Slash] will pull all attacked enemies towards B while dealing extra damage.

Web Slash [Cross Slash]

If you use [Cross Slash] when the orange cross blades from fully charged [Cross Slash] is still around, preform rapid slashes that resembles a spider web.

Shoes Mods

Mod name Skill / Effect
Acidic Puddle [Rashomon]

When an explosion occurs, a puddle will form at the ground of the enemies marked by the [Rashomon] sign at a certain chance. Enemies on top of the puddle will receive consistent damage and their Attack Power will be reduced by 20%.

Crimson Dawn [Cross Slash]

When Cross Slash is fully gathered and activated, for 7 sec. the critical hit chance is increased by 3.5% and critical hit damage is increased by 7%.

Enhance: Blade Storm [Blade Storm]

The damage for Blade Storm along with any related skills will increase by 8%.

Enhance: Fear of Mind [Fear The Mind]

The damage for Fear the Mind along with any related skills will increase by 8%.

Fire Snake Trail [Fire Snake]

[Fire Snake] will leave a trail of fire that deals damage over time.

Hidden Beast [Ambush]

When you receive the [Ambush] buff, have a set chance to apply the [Rashomon] debuff on nearby enemies. Only activates when you have the [Rashomon] skill activated.

I think... I know this feeling Every 180 seconds, prevents yourself from dying when you hit 0 HP. When the skill activates, you become invincible for 3 seconds and cooldown starts once the invincibility disappears.
Nervous Breakdown [Fear The Mind]/[Weakened Mind]

Mind causes a [Weakened Mind] effect on enemies trying to attack B from a distance. Weakened Mind also makes the target slower while dealing damage over time and also recovers B's mana by 2.5% per second.

Ravenous [Unbreakable Will], [Reckless Charge]

In [Unbreakable Will] state, a hard grasp is applied to [Reckless Charge], allowing you to grab champions and bosses.

Sticky Blood [Toxic Blood]

If a monster dies with the Toxic Blood debuff, the Toxic Blood debuff will spread to nearby monsters. Can spread up to 4 times.

Weapon Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Addiction [Hallucination]

Increase the [Hallucination] duration by 25%.

Asura Blade [Rashomon]

If 4 [Rashomon] marks explode consecutively, create a giant Rashomonmark that deals damage in a wide area.

Blade Assault [Cross Slash]

When [Cross Slash] is fully charged, the orange blades remain longer andd stays in front of B. Increases the full charge mana consumption by 50.

Blind Hurricane [Blind Slaughter]

During [Blind Slaughter], press the (Space) to shoot out a tornado that has a striking effect. 100 mana is consumed per tornado.

Cannot Be Mixed [Toxic Blood]

If enemies smeared with [Toxic Blood] are inflicted with Bleed, an explosion will occur due to the chemical activity of one another

Cornered [Reckless Charge]

If you charge towards the wall with [Reckless Charge] while you have a skewered enemy, slam them against the wall and kick them.  [Reckless Charge] cooldown will decrease by 1 second for each enemy killed.
*Invincible when the skill in in use.

Critical Attack [Fire Snake]

If you hit more than 7 monsters or hit boss, champion, or mutant monsters at least once with [Fire Snake], increase your critical hit damage.

Earth Strike [Earth Smash]

Fire an explosion that has a striking effect into a straight line when you gold the R key while using Earth Smash

Iron Will [Unbreakable Will]

When [Unbreakable Will] is on cooldown, consume HP to activate it. The consumed HP depends on the remaining cooldown of [Unbreakable Will] and consume anywhere from 5% to 80%.

Orange Orange [Orange Blade]

Increase the HP or Mana cost of [Orange Blade] by 50% but [Orange Blade] type skills will cause chain explosions.

Orange Typhoon [Orange Blade]

When you use [Orange Blade] 4 times, the next Orange Blade will make you spin rapidly in place. A tornado mark will appear when [Orange Typhoon] can be used activated.

Phantom Charge [Reckless Charge]

Increase the cooldown of Reckless Charge by 45%, but summon B's illusions on either side to charge with them.

Piercing Wound [Dual Sword Style]

Drastically increase the attack power and radius of thrust attacks from [Dual Sword Style].

Punisher [Double Pierce]

Activating [Double Pierce] will make B perform a stomp and thrust action instead. The attack radius is smaller but he damage is increased.

Sharp Blade Increases the chance to cause a bleed by 30%.
Spiral Stab [Spiral Slash]

Spiral Slash becomes a long thrusting attack with increased damage.

Super Crinket [Gatling Drone]

1 of the drones summoned by Gatling Drone becomes a super Crinket with a powerful laser beam.

Together with you [Memories of the Wimp]

Wimp appears and follows around B before exploding.

Volcanic Smash [Earth Smash]

The striking effect of [Earth Smash] disappears, instead it creates a Volcano that explodes and damages the enemies 2 times.

X-Blood [X-Calibur]

Create a toxic puddle at the area where X-Calibur lands.

X Targets [X Calibur]

If you kill 6 or more enemies at once with [X Calibur], decrease the cooldown of all skills by 15% for a set duration.

Character illustrations

Patch history

Patch Description
Patch 1.58
  • [X Calibur] skill now consumes 30% of B’s HP instead of 20%.
  • Fixed the standing motion for the following characters to make them look to the front.
Patch 1.57
  • Relentless Slash
    • Fixed skill cancellation issue after activating it.
    • Character is now able to move while using the skill
    • There is a chance to activate Relentless Slash if monsters are damaged 8 or more times while using Dual Sword Style.
  • Fixed bug where B was forced to move to the opposite direction when equipping an item with [Black Mamba] skill option and used [Fire Snake] next to the wall.
Patch 1.35
  • Hallucination
    • Tiny Bs’ damage decreased from 40% to 30%.
      • However, will do 50% more damage to regular monsters.
      • Tiny Bs’ Spiral Slash will now have a cooldown as intended
    • Spiral Slash
      • Damage decreased by 37.5%
    • Vertical Slash
      • Damage decreased by 19%
    • Cross Slash
      • Damage decreased by 16%
    • Blade Storm
      • Level 3 damage decreased by 20%
    • Rashomon
      • Damage decreased by 22%
  • Item Skill Option Fixes/Changes
    • [Web Slash]: Damage decreased by 40%
  • ETC
    • Improved monster targeting when using basic attacks
Patch 1.25
  • Fixed an issue where B would become immortal after equipping and removing equipment with the skill option [I think... I know this feeling]
Patch 1.12
  • A fully charged [Cross Slash] should no longer consume double the mana

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