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The following is a list of playable characters in the game HeroWarz. For story mode characters, please go here.

List of characters

Icon Name Nickname Weapon Type Playstyle Status
Ara Icon.png Ara Flow Water Gun Long-Range Available
Audrey Icon.png Audrey Machine Gun Heavy Artillery Long-Range Available
B Icon.png B Blade Dual Sword Melee Available
Bigwang icon.png Bi-Gwang 3GO Umbrella/Cards Mid-Range Training
Derrick Icon.png Derrick Heavy Metal Fist and Shield Melee, Brawler Available
Ethan icon.jpg Ethan Infected Rifle Long range Training
Hades Icon.png Hades Hades Meteor Dart Mid-Range, Area Available
Hwaran icon.jpg Hwaran Fire Fox Fan Long-Range, Area Training
Izanami icon.png Izanami Little Grim Staff Available
Jackdaw icon.jpg Jackdaw Raven Training
Jerry icon.png Jerry Slugger Baseball Bat Melee, Mid Range Available
Mac icon.jpg Mac J.D. Revolvers Close, Mid Range Available
Mary Icon.png Mary The Farmer's Daughter Tonfa and MMA Close Range, Brawler Available
Nagne Icon.png Nagne ASDF Sword and Scabbard Melee, Aerial Attack Available
Ramirez icon.jpg Ramirez NITRO Gauntlet Melee , Mid Range Available
Max icon.jpg Tom Ace Baseball Mid-Range Training