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Derrick no edit.png
Nickname: Heavy Metal
Real Name: Derrick Jeter
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 140 kg
Blood type: Type A
Birthday: November 13
Weapon: Shield-type. Anything heavy and round such as manhole covers or stumps.
Profession: He used to be a gladiator of the Crocodile Clan but his wrists were cut and now he is a mechanic in Metro.
Specialty: His natural born strength and his nature to never back down from any enemies
Hobby: Working on motorcycles, refining metals. He sometimes works on Mac’s car as well.

Derrick is one of the Characters in the game HeroWarz.


Once the greatest gladiator Mother Land had to offer. He used to be skilled with his sword and shield, but after the tendons on his wrists were cut, he was not able to wield the sword anymore. He now uses the brute force of his shield to overpower his enemies.


He is easily mistaken as a bad guy because of his rough appearance and direct speech but, on the contrary, he likes to do good. Also, he's kind of an introvert.


The greatest gladiator in the last 1000 years. During the 1st Crocodile war, Derrick refused an order from Gry to apply poison on his blade and was abandoned after having both his wrist tendons cut. He was depressed for a long time until Scout, the girl next door to him, involved him on her escape. They were eventually caught but Derrick holds off the army in order to allow Scout to escape. During the battle, he takes hold of the enemy's shield and slams them around with it. Later, this becomes his combat style. His appearance and direct speech makes him look like a villain at times but he respects honor and duels. He still suffers from pain whenever he has to hold anything with both of his hands.


Active Skills (New, WIP)

Icon Name Obtain Hotkey
8 maximum technique.png Maximus Combat Technique Level 1 Left Click (Hold)
8 pounding.png Pounding Level 1 Left Click (Hold)
(Airborne Enemies)
8 leap shatter.png Leap Shatter Level 2 Right Click
8 relentless slap.png Relentless Slap Level 3 Q / Wheel-UP
8 warrior entrance.png Warrior's Entrance Level 4 Spacebar
8 earth throw.png Earth Throw Level 5 E / Wheel-DOWN
8 body blow.png Body Blow Level 6 1
8 twister.png Twister Level 8 2
8 not so fast.png Not so fast! Level 9 Left Click (Hold)
(Enemies Attack Motion)
8 come at me.png Come at me! Level 10 3

Everything below this is being updated/changed.

Active Skills(Old)

8 titan slam.png Titan Slam! 13 4 Perform a powerful uppercut to launch the enemies in the air.

If there are airborne enemies during the uppercut, press the skill key again to jump towards the airborne enemy and slam them down.
If you press the skill in the air, you will quickly descend down on the ground and crush the enemy.

  • Melee attack
  • Total damage: 1500%
  • Mana cost: 45
  • Cooldown: 30 sec
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 1650% / 1800% / 1950% / 2100% / 2250%
8 nuke punch.png Nuke Punch 16 R Throw a heavy punch. Hold down the skill key to charge the attack and when it is fully charged, Nuke Punch becomes more powerful.
  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 800%
  • Fully charged damage: 1520%
  • Cooldown: 24 sec
Related skill damage increased to:

Normal damage:

  • 800% / 960% / 1040% / 1120% / 2128%

Full Charge:

  • 1520% / 1824% / 1976% / 2128% / 2280%
8 shield charge.png Shield Charge 20 Right Click (alternate) Raise your shield and quickly move toward the target direction.

If you have learned [Finisher], you can throw your shield if you hit 5 enemies or more during shield charge.

  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 380%
  • Mana cost: 15
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 418% / 456% / 494% / 532% / 570%
8 rock smash.png Rock Smash 24 5 Use brute strength to rip the floor out and jump high up in the air before slamming the ground with it.
  • Melee attack
  • Striking
  • Total damage: 1510%
  • Cooldown: 40 sec
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 1661% / 1812% / 1953% / 2114% / 2265%
8 earth shatter.png Earth Shatter 36 Left + Right click Create an earth shatter and deal damage in a large area.
  • Melee attack
  • Striking
  • Total damage: 2220%
  • Mana cost: 400
  • Cooldown: 21 sec
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 2442% / 2664% / 2886% / 3108% / 3330%
8 derrick.png Derrick 40 Left + Right Click (alternate) Gather Derrick's strength and jump at the enemy before delivering a flurry of punches. Hitting the left mouse button during the skill will increase the number of hits.
  • Melee attack
  • Striking
  • Total damage: 2590%
  • Mana cost: 300
  • Cooldown: 18 sec
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 2849% / 3108% / 3367% / 3626% / 3885%
8 warrior theme.png Warrior's Theme 45 T When skill is activated, Derrick will inflict damage to nearby enemies and recover mana. After a short duration, derrick's attack power increases and his attacks will change as follows:

Basic Attack: Holds the shield and quickly swings it around to attack enemies.
Bulldozer: Attack by pressing either Q or Wheel up to rush forward and push enemies out of the way.
Shock Clap: Attack by pressing either the E or wheel down to dual wield shields and clap, which will cause shock and inflict damage.

  • Area Attack
  • Self buff
  • Mana recovery
  • Duration: 20 sec
  • Attack power increase: 25%
  • Mana recovery: 250
  • Damage: 200%
  • Basic attack damage total: 695%
  • Bulldozer total damage: 1000%
  • Shock Clap damage: 500%
  • Cooldown: 180 sec
Related skill damage increased to:

Attack Power Increase:

  • 27.5% / 30% / 32,5% / 35% / 37,5%


  • 220% / 240% / 260% / 280% / 300%

Basic Attack:

  • 764.5% / 834% / 903,5% / 973% / 1042,5%

Bulldozer Damage:

  • 1100% / 1200% / 1300% / 1400% / 1500%

Shock Clap Damage:

  • 550% / 600% / 650% / 700% / 750%

Passive Skills

Skill Icon Passive skills Level Skill Description Detailed Info Upgrade Info (SP)
8 finisher.png Finisher 7 Finish off an opponent that has lower than 10% HP by throwing your shield.
  • Total damage: 500%
  • Cooldown: 9 sec
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 550% / 600% / 650% / 700% / 750%
8 shield block.png Shield Block 28 Blocks 1 attack when activated and activates again after 30 seconds. - -
8 soldier on leash.png Soldiers on Leash 32 Whenever an enemy that is not within melee range tries to attack you, throw a chain on them and connect it with you.

Enemy connected with the chain constantly receives damage and have reduced attack speed. Enemies that make contact with the chain will also receive constant damage.

The chain disconnects after 10 seconds or whenever Derrick receives damage.

  • Attack speed reduction: -20%
  • Total damage: 180%
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 198% / 216% / 234% / 256% / 270%
8 dangerous presence.png Dangerous Presence 50 If you kill 10 enemies within 10 seconds, radiate an aura that deals damage to all nearby enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Total damage: 300%
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%
8 eyes on the battlefield.png Eyes of the Battlefield 60 Each time you consume 200 mana, an axe will fall on top of your enemy.
  • Axe damage: 300%
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%

Skill modifications

Head Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Battle Preparation [Warrior's Entrance]

Using Warrior's Entrance heals you instead of providing you with a shield.

Beautiful Kick [Maximus Combat Technique]

Maximus Combat Technique has a kick for one its animations. This kick will now recover more than the standard 2.5 mana.

Chain Shatter [Earth Shatter]

Reduces Leap Shatter's Mana cost to zero for a short duration if you hit 10 or more monsters with Earth Shatter's last hit.

Gather Fragment [Derrick]

Reset Nuke Punch's cooldown if you grab 10 or more enemies with Derrick.

Heavy Jump [Leap Shatter]

Increases your attack power if you hit 5 or more enemies with Leap Shatter.

Killing Blow [Body Blow]

Increases the damage of Body Blow's initial hit.

Nuclear Fission [Nuke Punch]

Nuke Punch now costs 200 mana, but does more damage. (Estimated 50% extra)

Ready Up [Pounding]

Killing an enemy with Pounding increases your critical hit chance.

Static Charge [Shield Charge]

Enemies hit by Shield Charge will be electrocuted. Electrocuted enemies take extra damage when attacked.

Steel Arm [Nuke Punch]

You gain super armor and additional damage reduction while using Nuke Punch.

Top Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Additional Chains [Soldiers on Leash]

Casting Soldiers on Leash will occasionally result in the creation of two separate sets of chains. The first set latches onto the target, the second set latches onto a nearby enemy.

Aerial Pounding [Pounding]

Using Pounding will sometimes cause a hand shaped mark to appear near Derrick. Pressing right click while the hand is on your screen will cause Derrick to grab nearby enemies, jump in a certain direction, and then smash the enemies into the ground.

Aerial Strike [Titan Slam]

Hitting 7 or more enemies with Titan Slam's downwards smash create a large AOE. Monsters in the AOE will be damaged by artillery support.

Chi Strike [Body Blow]

Enemies critically hit by Body Blow's second attack are stunned. The second hit also gains a larger attack radius.

Create Pebbles [Earth Throw]

Each time Derrick kills an enemy with Earth Throw, Rock Smash's cooldown will decrease.

Diastrophism [Earth Shatter]

Enemy's critically hit by Earth Shatter's fourth hit will be stunned.

Fast Charge [Shield Charge]

Increases Shield Charge's dash speed and knocks up all enemies it hits.

Flame Twister [Twister]

Derrick loses speed during Twister, but will now create an explosion when he finishes spinning. Enemies hit by the explosion will be burned, and take damage over time.

Flashy Entrance [Warrior's Entrance]

All enemies hit by Warrior's Entrance have their defense reduced.

Fissure [Maximus Combat Technique]

Kicks and Anvil drops during Maximus Combat Technique will now create fractures and deal additional damage.

Muscle Flex [Relentless Slap]

Killing an enemy with Relentless Slap decreases the cooldown of Body Blow.

Raining Axe [Eyes on the Battlefield]

Eyes on the Battlefield now targets two additional enemies, for a total of five total targets.

Sharp Finish [Finisher]

Killing an enemy with Nuke Punch regenerates mana.

Shield Revenge [Shield Block]

Derrick gains a chance to throw his shield at an enemy if they attack him. This shield stuns.

Warcry [Come at me!]

Using Come at me! increases the attack power of all nearby allies by 2.5%. Derrick himself gains 7.5% attack instead.

Warrior's Vitality [Derrick]

Landing the final hit of Derrick provides you with a buff that gives 10% damage to mutants, champions and bosses.

War Veteran [Dangerous Presence]

Dangerous Presence also grants cooldown reduction.

Wild Smash [Rock Smash]

Rock Smash gains increased cooldown and damage.

Bottom Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Burning Charge [Shield Charge]

Adds a DOT to Shield Charge.

Chain Pounding [Pounding]

Pounding has a chance to grab the enemy and slam them back and forth.

Chi Absorption [Body Blow]

Body Blow now sucks in enemies.

Critical Upper [Titan Slam]

Recover mana if you knock up at least 7 enemies with Titan Slam.

Desperate Twister [Twister]

Activates Dangerous Presence after Twister ends if you hit a mutant, champion or boss.

Double Pounding [Pounding]

Pounding now grabs up to four enemies. Grabbing four enemies will give you a buff that amplifies damage dealt to bosses.

Fight! [Warrior's Theme]

Whenever Warrior's Theme is activated, increase the attack power of you and your party members for 10 seconds.

Skull Shaker [Relentless Slap]

Enemies critically hit by the final hit of Relentless Slap will be stunned for a short duration.

Jump Mastery [Leap Shatter]

Leap Shatter now costs less mana, and attacking an enemy with Leap Shatter will also grant you a small attack speed buff.

Mobility [Soldiers on Leash]

Party movement speed increases by 15% every time Soldiers on Leash activates

Perfect Slam [Maximus Combat Techniqu]

One of Maximus Combat Technique's attacks has an animation where you flip an enemy with with Derick's shield. If you hit an enemy with this attack, you'll apply a temporary debuff to that enemy that decreases their defense.

Power of Earth [Earth Shatter]

Killing an enemy with Earth Shatter increases your attack power by 3%. This effect stacks up to 5 times, and lasts 7 seconds.

Quick Flip [Earth Throw]

If an enemy you flipped with Earth Throw collides with another enemy, gain an attack speed buff.

Rock Slide [Earth Throw]

Earth Throw has a chance to drop a large boulder behind Derrick.

Rough Start [Derrick]

Increases the mana cost and grapple radius of Derrick.

Sloppy Finish [Finisher]

Finisher now activates on monsters that are 50% hp and below.

Studying Tactics [Eyes on the Battlefield]

Activating Eyes on the Battlefield gives you a cooldown reduction buff for a short duration.

Sturdy Charge [Shield Charge]

During Shield Charge, increase defense and gain super armor

Thorn Shield [Shield Block]

Enemies that attack Derrick receive a thorny counterattack.

Titan Danger [Titan Slam]

If Titan Slam's cooldown is lowered if you hit a mutant, champion or boss with the skill's initial uppercut.

Trembling Shout [Come at me!]

Decreases the attack power of enemies hit by Come at me!

Weakings Begone! [Warrior's Theme]

Derrick gains 7.5% increased damage to normal monsters while Warrior's Theme is on cooldown. This skill does not activate until the buff from Warrior's Theme expires.

Shoes Mods

Mod name Skill / Effect
Axe Frenzy [Eyes on the Battlefield]

Activating Eyes on the Battlefield provides Derrick with a chance to gain the Axe Frenzy buff. If the buff is active, every single one of Derrick's basic attacks will activate Eyes on the Battlefield.

Counter Flip [Earth Throw]

Generates mana when you flip a monster in an attack motion.

Chain Power [Soldiers on Leash]

Regenerates mana whenever Soldiers on Leash activates.

Fierce Grasp [Relentless Slap]

Enemies hit by the final hit of Relentless Slap receive a defense debuff. The skill no longer regenerates mana.

Fierce Twister [Twister]

Twister will increase your attack by 25% and damage reduction by 40%. However, this effect only lasts until Twister itself ends.

Muscle Pump [Shield Block]

Gives you a defense buff after you block something with Shield Block.

Stare Down [Come at me!]

Reduces the radius of "Come at me!" but increases the damage.

Winding Slap [Relentless Slap]

Hitting an enemy with the final hit of Relentless Slap provides a shield. Relentless Slap no longer recovers mana.

Weapon Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Atomic Bomb [Nuke Punch]

Enemies critically hit by Nuke Punch are stunned. Enemies critically hit by a fully charged Nuke Punch are stunned for a longer duration.

Bloody Axe [Eyes on the Battlefield]

Enemies hit by Eyes of the Battlefield take damage over time and have reduced defense.

Bloody Brawl [Dangerous Presence]

Dangerous Presence will activate if Derrick is critically hit.

Bloodrush [Warrior's Theme]

Killing a monster or critically hitting a boss during Warrior's Theme decreases the cooldown of all skills other than Warrior's Theme.

Chain Pounding [Pounding]

Pounding has a chance to grab an enemy and slam it back and forth.

Defense Rally [Come at me!]

Using Come at me! grants all nearby allies a shield.

Duelist [Derrick]

After Derrick uses Derrick, he'll get a buff that increases his damage to mutants, champions and bosses.

Fight! [Warrior's Theme]

Increases the attack power of Derrick's entire party for 10s whenever Warrior's Theme is activated.

Get Back Gain a shield when you or your allies are resurrected.
Iron Body Increases your attack by 1% of your hp. (CURRENTLY DYSFUNCTIONAL)
Magma Break [Earth Shatter]

The fourth hit of Earth Shatter will create four exploding volcanos.

Maximum Combo [Maximus Combat Technique]

Using Pounding, Body Blow and Relentless Slap in quick succession will grant an attack buff for 10 seconds.

Moskstraumen [Twister]

Doubles Twister's cooldown. If you press the skill key or click at least twelve times, Twister also creates a whirlwind at the end of the skill's regular duration.

Punch Drunk [Body Blow]

Hitting an enemy with Body Blow decreases their defense.

Rejuvenating Spirit [Finisher]

Hitting an enemy with Finisher's falling shield will now regenerate mana. This regeneration will scale with the number of enemies hit.

Skull Shaker [Relentless Slap]

Enemies critically hit by the last hit of Relentless Slap will be stunned.

Stone Rain [Rock Smash]

Multiple rocks will fall around rock smash's AOE after you finish casting the spell.

Sturdy Charge [Shield Charge]

Derrick will have increased defense during Shield Charge. He will also have super armour.

Unleash [Leap Shatter]

Creates a volcano at Leap Shatter's landing point.

Character illustrations

Patch history

Patch Description
Patch 1.58
  • Fixed the standing motion for the following characters to make them look to the front.
Patch 1.57
  • [Soldiers on Leash] disappears accordingly.
  • Combining [Warcry] skill option with the [Defense Rally] skill option of the [Come at me!] skill will no longer cause an increase in Warcry’s buff effect.
Patch 1.55
  • Body Blow
    • Final hit damage increased by 20%
  • Relentless Slap
    • Mana Recovery increased by 37%
  • Nuke Punch
    • Skill Option
      • Nuclear Fission
        • Mana Cost decreased by 30%
        • Damage increased by 30%
Patch 1.51
  • [Shield Block] has been fixed and will activate more than one time as intended.
  • Skill targeting for Warrior’s Entrance has been adjusted.
Patch 1.47
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed the issue of [Shield Charge] skill would prevent the skill option [Magma Break] from dealing damage.
Patch 1.30
  • Added Cooldown: [Earth Shatter]: 21 seconds
  • Added Cooldown: [Captain of Mother Land]: 18 seconds

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