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Nagne no edit.png
Nickname: ASDF
Real Name: Unknown. He was abandoned in Northblade Canyon at a very young age. He used to be called an Owl's Child when he lived in White Cloud Mountain.
Gender: Male
Age: He doesn't know. Doesn't even have a birth certificate. Judging by his appearance, presumably around 20.
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood type: Unknown. Couldn't acquire his blood.
Birthday: No record of birth.
Weapon: He can use any sword. Sometimes, he uses bamboo or a branch as a sword. Uses a sheath in the left hand whenever it's necessary during fighting. A Korean-style two sword fighting skill.
Profession: Mercenary
Specialty: Willow-style swordcraft.
Hobby: He makes very sharp swords, knives and daggers with wood. Sometimes he carves wooden owls.

Nagne is one of the Characters in the game HeroWarz.


A Swordsman who acts by instinct like a child, after getting his head hurt. His body fights in this world to find Maya with the other players, while his mind stays in a hut in the all-year-round snowy country where he lived with an owl during his childhood.


Normally he is peaceful and calm but he hates watching anyone around him get hurt, including himself. It’s hard to know what he’s thinking since his face is always emotionless, and he usually just goes blank. His head injury from a young age has arrested his brain development. His mental age remains just below 10 and he only listens to Bi-Gwang. He really loves Chocolate Pie.


A kid that was abandoned in Northblade Canyon. Age and Name are both unknown and he spent most of his childhood with a blank mind due to a head injury. Even with his injury he somehow managed to learn all the sword styles of Wu Tang, Huashan, Kongtong, etc. He later went on to develop his own unique sword style. Nagne was raised as a killing machine under Tien Dien but managed to escape with the help of a woman. Once he escaped, he wandered the streets until he was scouted by Galliano. Nagne was player number 1, passing the tests on Draft Day with speed. But because he didn’t really answer the questions properly, nothing was written down for his profile. He later wandered the streets until Bi-Gwang recruited him to the Freelancers. He likes Chocolate Pie and instant noodles and loves to watch and play with street performers.

Skill Spotlights


Active Skills

Skill Icons Active Skills Level Key Binding Skill Description Type / Effect Detailed Info Upgrade info (SP)
6 willow style.png Willow Style 1 Left Click(hold) Perform a basic slash.
  • Melee attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Mana recovery during use: 2.5
  • Total damage: 305%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 335,5% / 366% / 396,5% / 427% / 457,5%
6 paint slash - crane.png Paint Slash - Crane 2 Right Click Quickly move towards the targeted direction then turn around and slash with your sword.
  • melee attack
  • Damage: 220%
  • Mana cost: 30
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 242% / 264% / 286% / 308% / 330%
6 extend.png Extend 3 Mousewheel up / Q Extend your blade and slash down enemies in a straight line.
  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 520%
  • Mana cost: 33
  • Cooldown: 7 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 572% / 624% / 676% / 728% / 780%
6 rising slash.png Rising slash 4 Mousewheel down / E Nagne will jump into the air as he slashes the enemy up into the air too. Nagne will strike if left click is pressed while he is in the air. At that time mana will be recovered.
  • Mana recovery
  • Rising slash: 585%
  • Downward slash in the air: 300%
  • Mana recovery at downward slash: 5
  • Mana cost: 17
  • Cooldown: 6 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Rising slash damage:

  • 643.5% / 702% / 760.5% / 819% / 877.5%

Downward slash in the air:

  • 330% / 360% / 390% / 420% / 450%

Mana recovery is increased to:

  • 5,5 / 6 / 6,5 / 7 / 7,5
6 volcanic sword.png Volcanic Sword 5 Space Create an exploding volcano that launches the enemies in the air with striking effect. The volcano also explodes for a second time after a short duration.
  • Striking
  • FIrst explosion: 115%
  • Second explosion: 525%
  • Mana cost: 200
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

First Explosion:

  • 126,5% / 138% / 149,5% / 161% / 172,5%

Second explosion:

  • 577,5% / 630% / 682,5% / 735% / 787,5%
6 thousand letters.png Thousand Letters 6 Left click (hold) (activates depending on situation) Give 3 quick dashes to an enemy that is slightly in the air.
  • Melee attack
  • Max damage: 240%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 264% / 288% / 312% / 336% / 360%
6 snake trail.png Snake Trail 7 4 Move across maximum of 10 enemies and slash them all in the procress.
  • Additional damage
  • Aerial
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters.
  • Snake trail: 485%
  • Damage reduction during use: 30 %
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 70%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 533,5% / 582% / 630,5% / 679% / 727,5%
6 sun shadow.png Sun Shadow 8 1 Grab the enemies in front of you and do a flip to deal damage.
  • Melee attack
  • Landing Damage: 310%
  • Cooldown: 18 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 341% / 372% / 403% / 434% / 465%
6 blade wind.png Blade Wind 9 Left click (hold) (activates depending on situation) Slams a knocked down enemy while damaging nearby enemies.
  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 185%
  • Cooldown: 3 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 203.5% / 222% / 240,5% / 259% / 277,5%
6 counter kick.png Counter Kick 10 2 Kick enemies in front of you. If the kick lands on an enemy in attack motion, damage dealt is increased and you recover mana.
  • Melee attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Base damage: 175%
  • Damage to attacking enemy: 710%
  • Mana recovered for hitting attacking enemy: 30
  • Cooldown: 5 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Base damage:

  • 192,5% / 210% / 227,5% / 245% / 262,5%

Damage to attacking enemy:

  • 781% / 852% / 923% / 994% / 1065%

Mana recovery is increased to:

  • 33 / 36 / 39 / 42 / 45
6 lion strike.png Lion Strike 12 Left click If an enemy's back is facing you, strike it with both hands.
  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 330%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 363% / 396% / 429% / 462% / 495%
6 blink slash.png Blink Slash 14 R Move instantly and slash all enemies in the way. Charges every 8 seconds and up to a max of 3.
  • Melee attack
  • Damage: 540%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 594% / 648% / 702% / 756% / 810%
6 counter slash.png Counter Sword 16 2(alternate) Enter a protective stance for a short duration to block an attack. A successful block will recover your mana.
  • Counter Attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Mana recovered with block: 100
  • Cooldown: 10 sec
Mana recovery amount is increased to:
  • 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 / 150
6 death sword.png Death Sword 20 Left + Right click Spin and slash a large area with your sword. Deals more damage if used in the air.
  • Striking
  • Aerial
  • Base damage: 950%
  • Aerial damage: 1235%
  • Mana cost: 300
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:

Base damage:

  • 1045% / 1140% / 1235% / 1330% / 1425%

Aerial damage:

  • 1358.5% / 1482% / 1605.5% / 1729% / 1852.5%
6 wutang sword.png Wu Tang Sword 26 Left Click (hold) Hold your blade with both hands and perform a slow but powerful slash. For every use of Wu Tang Sword, gain a buff that increases your critical hit damage and damage reduction for 10 seconds. (max 6 stacks)
  • Melee Attack
  • Mana recovery
  • Mana recovery increase during use: 2.5
  • 4 hit total damage: 610%
  • Critical hit damage increase: 1.5%
  • Damage reduction: 1.5%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 671% / 732% / 793% / 854% / 915%
6 ten thousand letters.png Ten Thousand Letters 29 Space (alternate) Write letters horizontally with your sword and slash multiple times.
  • Melee Attack
  • Max damage: 1656%
  • Mana cost: 200
  • Cooldown: 3 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 1821,6% / 1987,2% / 2152,8% / 2318,4% / 2484%
6 wagon wheel.png Wagon Wheel 32 Mousewheel up / Q (alternate) Launch a wagon wheel that constantly damages enemies that come in contact with it. Wagon wheel charges up to 3.
  • Ranged Attack
  • Max spin damage: 480%
  • Final explosion damage: 200%
  • Mana cost: 25
Related skill damage is increased to:

Max Spin Damage:

  • 528% / 576% / 624% / 672% / 720%

Final explosion damage:

  • 220% / 240% / 260% / 280% / 300%
6 falling leaf.png Falling Leaf 36 Mousewheel down / E Perform a crescent slash that knocks down all nearby enemies.
  • Melee Attack
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Damage: 415%
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 30%
  • Mana cost: 30
  • Cooldown: 8 sec
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 456,5% / 498% / 539,5% / 581% / 622,5%
6 brush stroke.png Brush Stroke 40 Left + Right click ( charge) and release with Left click Roll your calligraphy paper and press left click to quickly draw your sword. The longer you wait with your paper out, the stronger the damage. Once your attack is fully charged, it will deal maximum damage. Always crits enemies that are in attack motion. The time it takes to charge your blade is affected by your attack speed.
  • Striking
  • Super Armor during use
  • Increase evasion during use
  • Minimum damage: 900%
  • Max damage: 2000%
  • Damage reduction during use: 70%
  • mana cost: 350
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
Related skill damage increased to:

Minimum damage:

  • 990% / 1080% / 1170% / 1260% / 1350%

Max damage:

  • 2200% / 2400% / 2600% / 2800% / 3000%
6 willow technique 3 strike.png Willow Technique - 3 Way Strike 48 3 Quickly move forward and turn around to perform 3 quick slashes. The final hit has a striking effect.

Additional damage to champion and boss monsters.

  • Striking
  • Additional damage to boss and champion monsters
  • Max normal monster damage: 730%
  • Max boss and champion damage: 830%
  • Cooldown: 24 sec
Related skill damage increased to:

Max normal monster damage:

  • 803% / 876% / 949% / 1022% / 1095%

Max boss and champion damage:

  • 913% / 996% / 1079% / 1162% / 1245%
6 cloud walk.png Cloud Walk 65 Right Click (alternate) You dash quickly and whenever you move with [Cloud Walk], quickly charge the [Like the WInd] stacks while keeping the [Immovable Force] stacks.
  • Dash
  • Melee attack
  • Shoulder tackle damage: 250%
  • Mana cost: 30
Related skill damage increased to:
  • 275% / 300% / 325% / 350% / 375%
6 snow chi sword.png Snow Chi Sword 70 T Increase your attack power and speed for 15 seconds and increase the range of your basic attacks.
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters
  • Aerial
  • Attack speed increase: 30%
  • Attack power increase: 15 %
  • Additional damage to boss, champion and mutant monsters: 20%
  • Mana cost: 250
  • Cooldown: 120 sec
Skill effect is increased to:

Attack speed increase:

  • 33% / 36% / 39% / 42% / 45%

Attack power increase:

  • 16,5% / 18% / 19,5% / 21% / 22,5%

Passive Skills

Skill Icon Passive Skills Level Skill Description Detailed info Upgrade Info (SP)
6 flutering petals.png Fluttering Petals 18 Damaging an enemy with anything other then your basic attack will have a chance to mark the enemy with a flower. Marked enemies become slower and attacking a marked enemy will deal additional damage.

[Extend] and [Blink Slash] has the highest chance to mark enemies.

  • Damage on marked enemy: 200%
  • Movement speed reduction: 50%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 220% / 240% / 260% / 280% / 300%
6 choco pie.png In Search of Chocolate Pie 23 Nagne searches for a chocolate pie. During this searh, 3 enemies gain the chocolate pie mark and attacking these enemies will reward Nagne with chocolate pie, which heals both HP and mana. If the enemy with the chocolate pie mark is a boss or champion, each hit will restore HP and mana, up to 3 times.
  • Hp recovery per chocolate pie: 3%
  • Mana Recovery per chocolate pie: 25
  • cooldown: 40 sec
Skill effect is increased to:

HP recovered per chocolate pie:

  • 3,3% / 3,6% / 3,9% / 4,2% / 4,5%

Mana recovered per chocolate pie:

  • 27.5 / 30 / 32.5 / 35 / 37.5
6 hey the owl.png Hey the Owl 44 Hey the Owl appears and sits on top of Nagne or an enemy. All enemies near Hey the Owl will receive increases damage and damage over time.
  • Receive increases damage: 5.5 %
  • Damage per second: 100%
  • Cooldown: 50 sec
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 6.05% / 6.6% / 7.15% / 7.7% / 8.25%

Related skill damage is increased to:

  • 110% / 120% / 130% / 140% / 150%
6 like the wind.png Like the wind 52 Attack power is increased depending on the distance traveled. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
  • Attack power increase per stack: 2%
Skill effect is increased to:
  • 2.2% / 2.4% / 2.6% / 2.8% / 3%
6 immovable force.png Immovable force 56 When Nagne stands still without moving, increases attack power and defense. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
  • Attack power increase per stack: 5%
  • Defense increase per stack: 5%
Skill effect is increased to:

Attack Power | Defense increase per stack:

  • 5.5% / 6% / 6.5% / 7% / 7.5%
6 one snowy winter.png One snowy winter 60 When it snows, increase Nagne's attack power, attack speed and movement speed for 14 seconds. Nagne is invincible at the start and end of the skill and when the duration ends, deals large area damage.
  • I frame ( 2x )
  • Attack power increase: 20%
  • Movement speed increase: 20%
  • Attack speed increase: 20%
  • end damage: 600%
Related skill damage is increased to:
  • 660% / 720% / 780% / 840% / 900%

Skill effect is increased to:

Attack power | Movement speed increase | Attack speed increase:

  • 22% / 24% / 26% / 28% / 30%

Skill modifications

Head Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Great Cleave [Willow Technique - 3 Way Strike]

Activates instead of [Willow Technique - 3 Way Strike] and strikes down the enemies in a narrow area with Striking effect. Deals additional damage to boss and champion monsters.

Hey, let's go! [Hey the Owl]

If Nagne is within Hey the Owl's range, increase mana recovery.

Hoop [Wagon Wheel]

[Wagon Wheel] penetrates through the enemy to the end of its range and returns. Enemies hit by the returning wheel will be all grabbed and damaged multiple times.

Leap Slash [Cloud Walk]

Jump towards an enemy or ally that is further away than 5m and strike down. If there are no targets, target the ground 5m away. This skill activates instead of [Cloud Walk].

Mind's Eye Nagne focuses and enters a state where he can block 1 attack. When you block an attack, you enter a state of darkness for a short duration but have increased attack power and critical hit damage.
Paint Slash - Cloud [Paint Slash - Crane]

When you activate [Paint Slash - Crane], increase your attack speed by 20% for 5second(s).

Paint Slash - Deer [Paint Slash - Crane]

If you can land a successful hit using [Paint Slash - Crane], all skills' remaining cooldown will be decreased by -2%.

Shoulder Combo [Cloud Walk]

After moving 4m or more with [Cloud Walk], hold down the [RMB] near an enemy to consume 225 mana and deliver a Shoulder Combo.

Shadow Snake [Snake Trail]

When you activate [Snake Trail], send out a shadow to slash the enemies in your place.

Wild Blows [Willow Technique - 3 Way Strike]

Activates instead of [Willow Technique - 3 Way Strike] and wildly attacks the enemies. There's no striking effect but the damage is increased drastically.

Top Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Aerial Mastery While Nagne is in the air, attack power and attack speed is increased.
Apple Slice [Extend]

If you hit an enemy in attack motion with [Extend], deal extra damage to them like you are splitting an apple.

Back into the Dream [One Snowy Winter] 

When [One Snowy Winter] activates, all remaining cooldowns on skills will be reduced by 5 seconds, and while [One Snowy Winter] is activated, cooldown is reduced by 15%.

Back Kick [Brush Stroke]

After activating [Brush Stroke], have a chance to activate [Brush Stroke] again without any additional mana cost. Activation chance becomes higher when there are more monsters or monster that is champion rank or higher on the paper.

Catch the behind Whenever you get out of a bush status, increase the critical hit chance by 7.5% for 5 seconds. This option does not stack with other identical effects.
Chocolate Pie... Chocolate Pie!! Increase the time required to find chocolate pies and can find up to 4 chocolate pies.
Clean Up [Falling Leaf]

Increases the attack radius and damage of [Falling Leaf] type skills.

Critical Strike [Counter Kick]

Successfully attacking an enemy in attack motion with [Counter Kick] will have a chance to stun them.

Diamond Body [Immovable Force] 

When [Immovable Force] is in effect, gain a shield that blocks 1 attack every set period. This shield disappears when the [Immovable Force] effect wears off.

Eruption [Volcanic Sword]

The initial hit of [Volcanic Sword] deals additional damage to enemies in attack motion.

Explosive Serpent [Snake Trail] 

The first and last enemy passed by [Snake Trail] will get hit by explosions, causing damage to those nearby.

Moon Shadow [Sun Shadow]

When [Sun Shadow] is on cooldown, press the 1 key to consume additional 100 mana to backflip with invincibility. Striking effect is applied to beginning and the end of the skill motion.

Petal Rain [Fluttering Petals]

Increases the activation chance of [Fluttering Petals] by 20%.

Rising Wind [Rising Slash] 

Each time Nagne uses a skill in the air, reduce the cooldown of [Rising Slash] by 1 second.

Tsunami [Blink Slash] 

You can charge up the [Blink Slash] skill and charged Blink Slash will consume 2 stacks but has a wider attack radius. The attack also drags all attacked enemies with you and deal multiple damage.

Ultimate Death Blade [Death Sword]

When you activate [Death Sword] when your HP is lower than 30%, there is a chance to activate [Death Sword] again without any additional mana cost.

Upward Slash [Willow Style]

Critical hits with [Willow Style] has a chance to perform an upward slash.

Wanderer [Like the Wind]

[Like the Wind] duration is increased by 50%.

Wind of Snow Mountain [Wu Tang Sword]

While using [Wu Tang Sword], gain a chance to do multiple slashes on enemies that are slightly in the air.

Wu Tang Sword - Aerial Slash [Wu Tang Sword]

While using [Wu Tang Sword], gain a chance to do multiple slashes on enemies that are slightly in the air.

Bottom Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Battojutsu [Immovable Force]

Activates when you perform a basic attack while [Immovable Force] is at 1 stack or higher. Performs a quick draw attack on moving enemies and deal additional damage to them. It deals additional damage to enemies in attack motion.

Counter Blink Slash [Blink Slash]

Whenever you are using [Blink Slash], you become invincible. You can also use it while being attacked or while in the air.

Dim Memory [One Snowy Winter]

When [One Snowy Winter] activates, recover 80 mana.

Dormant Volcano [Volcanic Sword]

Increases the time for the 2nd explosion of [Volcanic Sword], but increases the damage of the 2nd explosion.

Extend More! [Extend]

[Extend] becomes longer and deals more damage.

Faint Memories Hitting 20 flowers will reduce the remaining cooldown of all skills by 7.5%.
Fence Hop [Snake Trail]

Increase the base cooldown of [Snake Trail] but decrease the cooldown of [Snake Trail] if you have slashed less enemies than the max number of enemies that can be slashed.

Fetch! [Hey the Owl]

[Hey the Owl] sometimes deals damage to enemies that are far away and throws them towards Nagne.

Gongdong Sword If you press [RMB] in the air, track down the nearest enemy and slash them multiple times.
Plain Walker [Cloud Walk]

Activating [Cloud Walk] type skills while inside a bush or entering a bush during use will increase your attack power for a short duration.

Quick Slash [Willow Style]

If you are in the air or attack a knocked down enemy during [Willow Style], deal additional damage and  recover 1 mana per aerial or knocked down monster for up to 3 enemies. (Maximum of 3 mana recovered per slash)

Secret Sword of Death [Death Blade]

Increases the mana cost of [Death Blade] by 100 but increases the radius and damage.

Smooth Talker [Brush Stroke]

Decreases the charge time of [Brush Stroke] by 50%.

Spit it out! [Counter Kick]

Hitting an enemy in attack motion with [Counter Kick] will recover 50% additional mana and still recover 20 mana if you do not hit an enemy in attack motion.

Thunder Crash Whenever you are in the air, press [3] to consume 250 mana and descend on the ground with striking damage
Tombstone When there are at least 5 knocked down enemies nearby, slam them with a tombstone.
Wagon Trail [Wagon Wheel]

Using [Wagon Wheel] will increase Nagne's attack power and mana recover for a short duration. (Effect may stack.)

Winter Nagne [Snow Chi Sword]

Duration of [Snow Chi Sword] is increased and while [Snow Chi Sword] is active, slow the attack speed and movement speed of enemies in a large area and also deal damage over time.

Shoes Mods

Mod name Skill / Effect
Cloud Moon When Nagne is in the air, gain increased attack power against airborne enemies.
Blue Petal [Fluttering Petals]

[Fluttering Petals] become blue and recovers mana instead of dealing damage when it comes in contact with enemies.

Cloud Moon When Nagne is in the air, gain increased attack power against airborne enemies.
Enhance: Willow Technique - 3 Way [Willow Technique - 3 Way]

The damage for [Willow Technique - 3 Way] along with any related skills will increase by 8%.

Hundred Thousand Words [Ten Thousand Letters]

Increase the number of strokes for [Ten Thousand Letters] and attack the enemies within the attack radius for a longer time.

Killer Snake [Snake Trail]

Drastically increase the damage of [Snake Trail] but only slashes 3 enemies.

One Stroke [Ten Thousand Letters] 

Use [Ten Thousand Letters] all at once. The hit count becomes 1 and attack radius is drastically reduced but drastically increases the damage.

Secret Sword of Death [Death Sword]

Increases the mana cost of [Death Sword] by 100 but increases the radius and damage.

Silver Snare [Falling Leaf]

Activates instead of [Falling Leaf], spins around and drags all attacked enemies in front of you.

Strike Wave Stun enemies that are in attack motion from far away with a sound wave created from a large bell. Activates by holding down the [LMB].
Unstoppable Strength Your critical hit damage increases by a certain ratio of your attack speed.
Wheel Splinter [Wagon Wheel]

Increase the explosion radius of [Wagon Wheel] after it reaches the maximum number of spins and enemies hit by the explosion will recieve additional damage for a short duration.

Wing Evolution [Hey the Owl's]

Increase [Hey the Owl's] radius to 3.5m.

Weapon Mods

Mod Name Skill / Effect
Angle Wind [Counter Kick]

[Counter Kick] can now reach further by launching a chi strike from the kick.

Boa Snake [Snake Trail]

[Snake Trail] prioritizes high ranking monsters and deals additional damage to them.

Burning Steps [Like the Wind]

When [Like the Wind]'s effect starts, Nagne will, at a certain chance, gain fiery footsteps and leave a path of fire wherever he walks. As [Like the Wind]'s effect accumulates, the chance will increase. If there are no enemies nearby, it will not activate.

Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt [Volcanic Sword]

When you have more than 500 mana, consume 100 mana to automatically activate [Volcanic Sword]. Activation chance is increased when there are high ranked monsters or there are multiple monsters.

Dragon Spear Pressing [W-UP] or [Q] while Nagne is in the air will consume 100 mana and summon a rising dragon from the ground.
Great Rising Slash [Rising Slash]

Whenever [Like the Wind] or [Immovable Force] effect reaches 7 stacks or higher, [Great Rising Slash] is activated instead of [Rising Slash].

Ice Blade [Snow Chi Sword]

When [Snow Chi Sword] is activated, each hit has a chance to deal additional damage and freeze the enemy. (Excluding Damage Over Time)

Mobile Death Blade [Death Sword]

When you use the [Death Sword] skill while quickly moving or in the air, recover 0 mana per super armor monsters hit.

Mountain Cleave [Wu Tang Sword]

During [Wu Tang Sword], [LMB] on a monster with super armor will make Nagne perform a striking effect attack. Being hit by this attack will make the enemy vulnerable to grapples. Skill's availability is displayed with an icon.

Multi Slash [Blink Slash]

Consecutive use of [Blink Slash] will boost the damage up to 5 stages.

Northern Winds [Blade Wind]

Increases the cooldown of [Blade Wind] by 2 times but the skill's range becomes longer.

Paint Slash - Turtle You can charge the skill, Paint Slash - Crane by holding down the [RMB] button. Charging the skill will consume 100 mana and move a set distance before slashing a wide radius while gathering the attacked enemies toward you.
Qingcheng Life [Counter Sword]

Whenever you block an attack with [Counter Sword], slash towards the attacked enemy's direction and have a chace to stun any enemies hit by it.

Quadra Slash [Blink Slash] 

Max stack of [Blink Slash] becomes 5 and stack recharge time is decreased.

Star Shadow [Sun Shadow]

If you use the [Sun Shadow] skill while using a fast moving skill, consume additional 100 mana to jump a greater distance while applying the striking grapple effect, allowing you to grab champion and boss ranked monsters.

Swallow Slash Slashes your sword 3 times to a maximum of 5 enemies that are in the air.
Thunder Sword [Brush Stroke]

When [Brush Stroke] activated, a lightning will strike down and deal multiple damage to 4 nearby enemies.

Tip of the Blade [Extend]

Hitting an enemy that is further away than 7m with [Extend] will apply a striking effect.

Willow Technique - Sword of Nine Willow Style] 

If there are 4 or more monsters or a monster with super armor while [Willow Style] is being used, Nagne will perform [Willow Technique - Sword of Nine] instead of a basic attack.

Word is Mightier than the Sword [Ten Thousand Letters] 

[Ten Thousand Letters] deal 30% increased damage to enemies in attack motion.

Character illustrations

Patch history

Patch Description
Patch 1.58
  • Fixed the standing motion for the following characters to make them look to the front.
Patch 1.55
  • Willow Style
    • Skill Option
      • Upward Slash - Damage increased by 15%
  • Wu Tang Sword
    • Skill Option
      • Mountain Cleave - Damage increased by 20%
      • Wu Tang Sword – Scabbard - Damage increased by 35%
      • Wu Tang Sword - Aerial Slash - Damage increased by 35%
  • Cloud Walk
    • Leap Slash - Damage decreased by 35%
    • Plain Walker - Buff duration increased by 66%
  • Paint Slash
    • Paint Slash - Turtle
      • Damage increased by 66%
      • Mana cost decreased by 20%
    • Paint Slash - Cloud
      • Fixed the bug where the damage was less than shown.
      • Attack Speed Boost effect decreased by 50%
  • Rising Slash
    • Damage increased by 10%
    • Skill Mod
      • Dragon Spear - Mana cost decreased by 50%
      • Gongdong Sword - Damage increased by 15%
      • Thunder Crash - Damage increased by 80%
  • Wagon Trail
    • Damage decreased by 20%
  • Counter Sword
    • Cooldown decreased by 2 seconds
  • Blade Wind
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Skill Option - All Skill Option Damage increased by 20%
  • Death Blade
    • Mana cost decreased by 15%
    • Skill Option
      • Secret Sword of Death
        • Additional mana cost decreased by 50%
        • Damage increased by 30%
      • Mobile Death Blade - Damage increased by 20%
  • In Search of Chocolate Pie
    • Mana Recovery increased by 66%
  • Immovable Force
    • Buff effect increased by 25%
  • Like the Wind
    • Buff effect reduced by 50%
  • Fluttering Petals
    • Skill Option
      • Blue Petal - Mana Recovery increased by 45%
  • Hey the Owl
    • Increased damage to nearby enemies decreased by 33%
  • Thousand Letters
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Skill Option
      • Swallow Slash - Damage increased by 20%
  • Ten Thousand Letters
    • Cooldown changed from 0 seconds to 3 seconds.
Patch 1.51
    • Skill missions are now available and will also appear to all Nagne players who did not previously receive the missions.
    • Boa Snake now properly deals damage to normal monsters.
    • [Cloud Walk] skill will no longer show the cooldown animation when used.
    • Improved the animation for [Great Rising Slash] by minimizing the delay animation.
    • [Mobile Death Blade]
      • Description for item option now includes the damage increase information.
      • Mana recovered now shows as 30 instead of 0.
      • Effect will now be properly applied when used in the air.
      • Damage increase will be applied properly as intended.
    • [Quick Slash]
      • Before: Recover 2 mana for each slash when attacking aerial or knocked down monsters
      • After: Recover 1 mana per aerial or knocked down monster for up to 3 enemies. (Maximum of 3 mana recovered per slash)

Additionally, mana recovery has been fixed to work as intended.

  • Skill description has also been updated to show that when the effect activates, Nagne will slash faster.
    • 3 second cooldown for [Blade Wind] has been added to the description
      • Item option [Moon Shadow]’s icon will now display the [Sun Shadow] icon
      • The minimum depth for certain skill options included on items
      • Paint Slash: Minimum Depth 44 -> 1
      • Cloud Walk: Minimum Depth 1 -> 86
      • Wagon Wheel: Minimum Depth 86 -> 44
    • Blade Wind, Thousand Letters, and Lion Strike will no longer cancel skills activated from Willow Style and Wu Tang Sword.
    • The effect Immovable Force gained from Diamond Body will now be correctly removed when the effect is canceled.
Patch 1.49
  • Nagne’s Lion Strike activation priority has been lowered so it does not cancel other item skills that activate under the same condition.
Patch 1.47
  • Bug Fix
    • Skill Option: Paint Slash – Turtle – Added control method/mana consumption info on the description.
Patch 1.41
  • Fixed an issue where, adding Skill Points into Nagne's skill did not improve. Adding SP to skills should now upgrade them as intended.
Patch 1.35
  • Wu Tang Sword
    • Mana consumption information will no longer appear multiple times in the description
    • Owl Eye
      • Owl will no longer freeze
    • Owl’s Child
      • Owl will no longer look like it is targeting Nagne when it is sitting on Nagne
  • Item Skill Option Fixes/Changes
    • [Blue Leaf]: Mana absorption will no longer activate multiple times.
    • [Hoop]: Cart Wheel will no longer occasionally disappear.
  • ETC
    • Improved monster targeting when using basic attacks
    • When his sword is drawn, his scabbard will no longer look like it still has a sword in it.
    • Nagne will no longer freeze when being carried in town and the person carrying him exits the channel
Patch 1.30
  • Changed the skill order: Basic R-Click: [Cloud Walk] → [Paint Slash – Crane]
  • [Cloud Walk] → Level 65
  • During [Cloud Walk], increased the stack of [Like the Wind] effect
  • During [Cloud Walk], [Immovable Force] effect will now remain
Patch 1.27
  • [Paint Slash - Cloud] buff now appears correctly in English
Patch 1.26
  • [Qingcheng Sword]: Should now properly consume mana
    • [Paint Slash - Cloud]: Attack Speed increase now properly applied
Patch 1.16
  • When both [Quick Slash] and [Upward Slash] options are equipped, Nagne will no longer cause continuous damage until all the monsters (including boss) dies.
Patch 1.12
  • Nagne should no longer remain blue after using [Snake Trail]


Huge thanks to Zin for providing the skill mods!!

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