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Pandora's boxes

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To use Pandora Boxes, a player needs to acquire Pandora’s Boxes through the Venus Shop. There are three types available for purchase: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
The Bronze version, as well as the Silver and Gold, can be acquired by playing the game. Each kind has its own list of possible contents.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

How to obtain.png

How to Play[edit | edit source]

Open the Pandora’s Box tab in the Venus Shop and buy the color you want. (To be able to buy items at the Venus Shop, you must load up on K-Ching cash points. Visit the Load Up page here.) Each Pandora’s Box from here will automatically be opened upon purchase. If you received a Pandora’s Box directly, e.g. as a reward, check that it is in your inventory, then right-click on it to open.

You will receive a few different items selected at random. Certain rewards from a Pandora’s Box may come in a boxed form as well, such as the Venus Costume and Designer Costume. In the case of costume sets, open the box with the character you wish to use what’s inside. In the case of Pandora’s Platinum Box, you may receive one of the shortlisted randomized rewards for every 5 Pandora’s Platinum Boxes opened. (See Extra Rewards List below.) Gg-gachasystem-1.png

About Venus / Designer Costumes[edit | edit source]

Costumes in the Venus and Designer Collections can only be acquired through the Pandora’s Boxes. The Venus Collection is updated every 4 months, while the Designer Collection gets an update every 2 months. Find the full lists of Pandora’s Box contents below.

Content List[edit | edit source]

Pandora’s Bronze Box[edit | edit source]

Pandora’s Silver Box[edit | edit source]

Pandora’s Gold Box[edit | edit source]

Pandora’s Platinum Box[edit | edit source]

More Boxes, Better Chances![edit | edit source]

Your chance to receive any of the following rewards will increase every 5 Pandora’s Platinum Boxes you open.

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