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Sidekicks are collectible characters that the player can equip which aid the player during combat. Sidekicks provide bonuses such as:

  • Stat increases
  • Summoning the sidekick to fight alongside with you
  • Attacks that happens every once in a while.

Sidekicks can be obtained through various means, such as slaying divers, bought from NPCs, completing Mirror Sites, or obtained as rewards in Labyrinth.

The player unlocks their first sidekick slot at level 20, second at level 40, third at level 60, and their fourth and last one at level 80.

General Info

Sidekicks have two different experience bars, one for their level, and the other for their rank.


Leveling up sidekicks can be done through equipping a sidekick and slaying enemies during missions.

Sidekicks can be leveled up to level 50, but require Specific Sidekick Awakening Scroll Pieces to level beyond 40.


Ranking up sidekicks can be done by using Sidekick EXP manuals or Sidekick Awakening Scroll Pieces on them. A sidekick will rank up based on the following the scheme below.

Ranks Required Resource
Normal None
Great Required EXP: 50
Rare Required EXP: 150
Superior Required EXP: 200
Wonder [Related] Sidekick Awakening Scroll Piece x 100

Each rank provides an increase to the passive stat bonus and unlocks a new skill. The last rank 'Wonder' does not unlock a new skill but instead upgrades the equipped sidekick passive bonus and allows you to level sidekick skills up to level 20.

Sidekicks all have a skill which can be activated to aid the player(s) during combat.

Each sidekick has 1 Active skill, and 3 Passive skills, The first skill is immediately available when the sidekick is unlocked. Afterwards, each rank up unlocks a new passive skill.

Skills can be leveled up using gold. Some skills/or passives also have additional effects added on once high enough level.


During combat, the user can call the equipped sidekick using the F1-F4 keys respectively, to activate all their unlocked skills.

In exchange for calling the services of your sidekick, Maya Necklace Fragments are consumed.

List of sidekicks

Icon Name Effect Obtain through
20 myriad icon.png Myriad (Sidekick) Damage reduction is increased.
  • Level 20~21 Side Story Quest
20 hera icon.png Hera Damage reduction is increased.
20 abel icon.png Abel Mana Recovery per second is increased.
20 camilla icon.png Camilla Cooldown Reduction is increased.
20 misma icon.png Misma Counter Attack Damage Reduction is increased.
20 vice icon.png Vice (Sidekick) Incapacitation Resistance is increased.
20 akira icon.png Akira Sudo Damage boost to knocked down enemies is increased.
20 enkidra icon.png Enkidra: Thorn Critical Hit Chance is increased.
20 malice icon.png Malice Damage boost to knocked down enemies is increased.
20 aki icon.png Aki Max Mana is increased.
20 five icon.png Five Counter Attack Damage Reduction is increased.
20 hatred icon.png Hatred Damage to normal monster increased.
20 rota icon.png Rota Movement Speed boost is increased.
20 barbatos icon.png Lord of Inferno Barbatos Damage boost to boss, champion, and mutant monsters are increased.
20 hitori icon.png Hitori Attack speed is increased.
20 death icon.png Death Critical Hit Damage is increased.
20 leviathan icon.png Leviathan HP Boost is increased.
20 king paranoii icon.png King Paranoii Defense is increased.
20 uni man icon.png Super Uni Man Critical Hit Chance is increased.
20 hyperion icon.png Hyperion Cooldown Speed is increased.
20 mach icon.png Mach Weapons Attack Speed Boost is increased.
20 sarasvati icon.png Sarasvati Mana Recovery Boost is increased.
20 yume icon.png Yume EXP gain is increased.
20 gabriel icon.png Melancholy Gabriel Simultaneous attack damage reduction is increased.
20 wilson fey icon.png Wilson Fey Counter Attack Damage Boost is increased.
20 wimp icon.png Wimp Incapacitation resistance is increased.
20 bari icon.png Princess Bari Weapon Attack Power Boost is increased.
20 shaggai icon.png Shaggai HP Boost is increased.
20 heimdal icon.png Heimdal (Sidekick) Damage boost to boss, champion, and mutant monsters are increased.
20 benny foster icon.png Benny Foster Item drop rate is increased.
20 maximus icon.png Maximus Aerial Attack Damage Boost is increased.
20 shyla icon.png Shyla Max Mana is increased.
20 lote icon.png Lote Attack Power is increased.