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The Third World acts as a bridge between worlds in HeroWarz universe. This is where the player is first found.

Access the Third World by opening the navigation menu ('N' key) -> Contents -> Third World

Some important things to note about the Third World:

  • Early on, this will be where the player will find their sidekicks and obtain their accessories.
  • Missions are unlocked incrementally, completing one missions will unlock the next.
  • Missions here do not give EXP or SP; however, gold can be earned as a reward from completing the mission.
  • Stiffness and Striking do not work on bosses.
  • While some missions can be done in a party, there are no public servers for the Third World (meaning you must invite someone to play with them).
  • Upon completing all Third World missions, the Labyrinth can be entered.
  • Once you acquired the depth of 210, the player can unlock Extreme Third World

There are two sections in the Third World - Mirror Site and Villa Skylla. The main difference between the two is that Mirror Site is done solo or with a partner in latter missions, and Villa Skylla missions all take 1-4 players due to it's much harder difficulty.

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List of Missions[edit | edit source]

Mirror Site[edit | edit source]

These are the first missions the player encounters, where they'll fight strong individuals in the HeroWarz universe.

Name Boss(es) Completion Reward Party Size Level Requirement Recommended Depth
First Mirror
  • Hera
  • Akira Sudo
Sidekick: Hera 1 21 46
Assassin & Swordsman
  • Huashan Gwang
Sidekick: Hitori 1 31 70
Poisonous Grounds
  • Abel
Sidekick: Abel 1 41 94
Sea King's Descendants
  • Enkidra: Thorn
Sidekick: Enkidra Thorn 1 51 118
Protector's Delusions
  • Misma
Sidekick: Misma 1 61 139
Homeless Man's Sea Urchin
  • Paranoii
Sidekick: Paranoii 1-2 66 151
Melancholy Angels' Afternoon
  • Gabriel
  • Aki
Sidekick: Gabriel 1-2 70 156
Headhunter Site
  • Death
Sidekick: Death 1-2 70 161
Generations of War Fiends
  • Lord of Inferno: Barbatos
Sidekick: Lord of Inferno Barbatos 1-2 70 166

Villa Skylla[edit | edit source]

These missions are unlocked after all Mirror Site missions are completed. All bosses in these missions are gods and are much harder to defeat.

Name Boss Completion Reward Party Size Level Requirement Recommended Depth
Mantis Hatchery


Sidekick: Shaggai 1-4 70 170
Princess Bari's Bedroom

Princess Bari

Sidekick: Princess Bari 1-4 70 170
Sonic Space


Sidekick: Mach 1-4 70 170
Blazing Parking Lot


Sidekick: Hyperion, the Sun god 1-4 70 170
Beat Opera House


Sidekick: Sarasvati 1-4 70 170