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Wonder Gear

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Wonder Gear is endgame equipment that can be obtained from Extreme Third World Pantheon.

The following Wonder gear sets can be obtained:

Stage Name Gear Icon Equipment Name Unique Options Effect Set Effects
Mantis Hatchery 16 wonder 15.png Shaggai's Black Jacket Hungry Swarm If an enemy is nearby, Shaggai's insects swarm them. Enemies hit by the insects are damaged and the longer they are damaged, the higher the damage. If an enemy is slain from the insects, recover HP.
  • 2 set effect: damage reduction: + 3%
  • 3 set effect: HP Increase: + 5 %
16 wonder 14.png Shaggai's Antenna Fedora Flex Whenever you attack a boss, champion, or mutant monster, gain additional max HP. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
16 wonder 13.png Shaggai's Tough Boots Super Instinct Strength Your weapon attack power increases by a certain ratio of your max HP.
Princess Bari's Bedroom 16 wonder 11.png Princess Bari's Moonlight Dress Ambush When you critically attack a super armored enemy, increase your back attack power drastically for a short duration.
  • 2 set effect: critical hit chance: + 2%
  • 3 set effect: Critical Hit Damage: + 5%
16 wonder 10.png Princess Bari's Hairpin Hidden Hairpin If you attack a nearby enemy from behind, throw Princess Bari's hairpin. Enemies hit by Bari's hairpin will have their defense reduced for a short duration and enemies critically hit by the hairpin will be stunned.
16 wonder 16.png Princess Bari's Crescent Moon Shoes Fatal Charm Your critical hit chance increases by a certain ratio of your max mana.
Sonic Space 16 wonder 9.png Mach's Black Leopard Jacket Mach's Support If you hit an enemy from a distance multiple times, Mach initiates an area of effect attack and also boots your attack speed.
  • 2 set effect: attack speed : + 2,5%
  • 3 set effect: cooldown reduction: + 4%
16 wonder 8.png Mach's Speed Rider Gloves Speedster Each time you move a certain distance, gain a cooldown reduction buff. This effect stacks.
16 wonder 7.png Mach's High Speed Boots Unstoppable Strength Your critical hit damage increases by a certain ratio of your attack speed.
Blazing Parking Lot 16 wonder 5.png Hyperion's Blinding Coat Corona If you kill an enemy with a melee attack, a narrow but powerful laser shoots down from the sky.
  • 2 set effect: Damage increase: + 2%
  • 3 set effect: Received damage reduction: + 5%
16 wonder 6.png Hyperion's Glowing Pants Asteroid Whenever you land on the ground from the air, drop a fiery asteroid with a striking effect at your location.
16 wonder 4.png Hyperion's Sun Printed Gloves Quick Flash If an enemy that you are attacking is nearby, create a blinding object that stuns all nearby enemies.
Beat Opera House 16 wonder 3.png Sarasvati's Fancy Dress Allegro Whenever you consume a lot of mana, moonlight sonata plays and deals damage to enemies while recovering your mana.
  • 2 set effect: mana recovery per second: + 2.00
  • 3 set effect: Max Mana: + 100
16 wonder 2.png Sarasvati's Chromatic Tiara Spiritoso Whenever you kill an enemy with a ranged attack, increase your max mana. This skill stacks up to 5 times.
16 wonder 1.png Sarasvati's Maestro Gloves Discordant When you are attacked by Boss, Champion and Mutant Monsters, gain a shield and also deals damage when it disappears.

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